Mio Honda is the best idol in the world and also the best tomboy of all time

Mio Honda is the best idol in the world and also the best tomboy of all time

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I committed several unspeakable atrocities against ethnic minorities in Kosovo! Rightful Serbian clay!

I'm currently pursued at the 24 Venezuelan states due to political crimes

For me, it's Iori "if it's not in my ass your producing job is grass" Minase

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>best tomboy of all time
think again buddy

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It's a good thing Rin left that awful group with her

>best idol
I always knew she was the biggest slut.

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Both Mio and Seras are girly girls who just happen to have short hair, fuck off

Rin is shit

Not only you are wrong, your are an idiot

Tomboy is not a hairstyle, retard.


There are a dozen better tomboys in the idolm@ster franchise alone

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>retards think any girl with short hair is a tomboy

Yeah but that ugly shit you posted isn't one of them

What is a tomboy

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a girl with boyish attributes

filthy dumb twitter scum

being an idol is hard

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What makes her a tomboy?

>falling for this low effort bait thread
guys please


Gotta love how more genuine tomboys are hated by "tomboyfags". No surprise the threads are filled mostly feminine cowtit characters (b-but they have short hair!!).


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Those are fighting words

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Not a tomboy

Reminder that Mio is the best Im@s girl

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