Kaguya 187

Chapter out in English, dumping.

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Fujiwara is probably having fun with this shit.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown about this? I don't read the spin off.

Shirogane's friends are all sluts! SLUTS!

Now that I think about it, why is JB giving a plub for the spinoff when they haven't updated it in ages?

They're often trying to hit on them, or the guys misunderstanding something as them being interested but shy.

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hayasaca sucks her master dick


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All proper maids do. They have to relieve their masters of tension every day.

Shoutout to the anons here who translate it I guess

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F the menace can't be stopped.

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>pinned down in seconds

Is Prez actually going to prioritize working out now because of this?

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Out of the two friends I did not think slanted eyes had a freaking six pack.
Also what the hell is that on Shirogane's face? It's either hair or some weird "Sniff" indicator.

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The plug is in the original text. They're just doing their due diligence by translating it.

This is a wee bit gay

What's up with prez doing the Fist of the Nosehair?

She looks pretty cute.

Ah I see. I only saw KR scans and I don't remember seeing the text there.

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Prez regularly does manual labor at his job so he's pretty strong already.

That sure is one cute Kags ya got there

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I didn't mind the haircut, but what a bullshit ending.

Chapter end. Next chapter preview apparently mentions we're moving to Ishigami. But I believe it's golden week next week, so there's probably a magazine break.

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CUTE. just need glasses

He's no slouch, but he's still not that strong. He also probably has no type of martial arts training.

Fellow meganefag, I agree.

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Fuck yeah more Ishigami suffering

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He still has a long way to go based on


Would the Saitama workout be a good fit for him?

Why is it bullshit? It's not like she was sure on what she wanted to do, and I sure as hell didn't picture her just leaving.

No, she doesn't, she looks ugly. There were so many different short hair cuts but Aka had to go with the one that looks like her mother's.

bring back the ponytail

She's a literal mommy's girl. It's honestly not that surprising she'd go for it.