Why did I cry over a bell being rung?

Why did I cry over a bell being rung?

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I cried of laughter too.

Because Oda told a somber tragedy of two friends who could never properly reconcile and their 400 year history they left, one becoming a liar that brought shame to his family's name and one that trapped his family in a mission that would seemingly never succeed.
Because Luffy acted as the hand of fate to bring and a sweetness to the story to make it bittersweet than just dour and end the suffering both sides had.
Because there was no longer a war between Skypeians and Shandians.
Because You're fucking doomed when Enies Lobby hits



what am I in for after Enies Lobby?

Because it had a perfectly set-up context surrounding it. I don't follow One Piece anymore and have already forgotten huge chunks of the story, but this is definitely one of the more memorable moments of the series.

Because the golden city was real goddammit

it's in the SKY!

For a good arc. Its all good until timeskip so dont worry.

Wha.. What happens after timeskip?

fish [/spoiler[

Like Arlong?

arlong was a far cried from what happen

Should I be scared?

it gets better as paradisefags get BTFO

The manga turns to shit and never recovers.

Be prepared for

A bad arc
A good arc
A BAD arc.
A great arc
An okay arc in progress

And another small okay arc somewhere in there but I forget where

>A bad arc
>A good arc
>A BAD arc.
>A great arc
>An okay arc in progress
Thats ok, I still like the charterers, no one is dead. A couple bad acs dont ruin a series

The saddest backstory in One Piece to that point, and arguably still top 5 saddest.
Also there will be a sacrifice.

Yes, don't let other anons convince you OP is irredeemable post timeskip. It just has its ups and downs.

A sacrifice? Oh god I have to start reading!

You hit a bump that's Punk Hazard. Then proceed to reach peek with Dressrosa, Zou, Whole Cake Island and Wano Kuni.

Im back and I have a question, Im still lost on what Tekkai is

>A bad arc
With one of the best backstorys in one piece ever
>A good arc
Potential Wasted
>A BAD arc.
Thats true
>A great arc
A really bad retcon for one of the mugiwaras but still a great ride
>An okay arc in progress

the marine technique ? it a lesser form of defense haki to some extend

Loaded with emotional tension spanning generations. Skypiea's kino as fuck.


Because pissfags are children?

It's a kino manga.

Of joy, you mean.

Franky gets a shitty design.