Kimetsu no Yaiba

What was the worst moment in this manga?

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Anything with Mitsuri in it.

Go back to Wuhan, chinaman.

The heart.


My wife's death.

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The way she was treated as a joke character from beginning to end. Shinobu at least had her final decent fight, and send-off. What a shame.

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Chapter 204 title is: 幸福


he touched the light

demon king yushirou?? what the fuck does this say

It’s fake

Ah yes, i too can read chinese. How could you tell?

Honestly I think all the poison abuse really made me feel sick of the story for a bit. Same general idea goes to flashback powerups as well.

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2 Years later.

they are at the pillars graves. They also see Grave of Giyuu (Giyu?)

Google translate is giving me "the title of demon king changes hands again"
says that it's two years after the funeral, in front of the hero's tomb, and that Yushiro is dead
obv I doubt the legitimacy of it but that's what it's saying

>Making a thread to attract shitposters when we're about to get spoilers


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how could this happen?

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>Believing spoilers with no source
Remember last week when Kanao died

Shouldn't we make a thread right when were about to get spoilers? Makes no sense to post spoilers in thread thats about to be dead. I don't see the problem here user. We hit bump limit in the previous thread so now we should move.

Wait I'm a retard, I think it's as the other user said and that Giyuu is the one who died, not Yushiro
the names are hard for me to tell when machine translated

you guys know that I just copied random shit from tieba, right?

No one believes anything, user. It's just for shit and giggles.

OP question is

listen i know anons are probably memeing but if wani takes yushirou from me too i'm going to snap

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The translations say kiiu or kiyu, might be sad boy. Not Yushi.

Someone made another thread, should just use that one

>making another thread when this one is already in use

What is wrong with this thread user?

it's lovethread

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It's literally a bait OP


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>Bait OP
what is a bait op and what isn't? what would be even wrong with that? why are you so mad about this?

Are you a shitposter or something?

It cannot be...

>when we're about to get spoilers

Not even someone who hates Love but having every fucking OP image be Love is absolutely awful
It's gotten to the point that when I can I rush to make a new thread with like, a different OP image just so we don't have Love as the face of the thread

>No one believes anything
Kimetsutards are brainlets.

What is your favorite manga


>admits to spamming the catalog with threads because "waaah a love thread"

Are you fucking serious user who even gives a shit what character the OP is. Is it really THAT much of a problem that you have to start thread wars and lower the quality of our threads user?

Your favourite, of course.

[inaudible high-pitched homo voice]
Anything with Mitsuri in it.

One Piece has it's spoilers, KnY will get spoilers sometime this week as well.

Stop giving it (you)s, dipshit

1. This is golden week break not emergency break. they likely finish printing and disturbing before holiday. we might get early spoiler like new year
2. OP (tho from different source) already got spoiler so very likely everyone else will get theirs from usual leakers

>One Piece has it's spoilers
we're not OP
they got from another source

You will keep waiting like a retard :)

Come back when your balls drop, user.

How can that be? Kimetsu no Yaiba is number 1. Why do they prioritise One Piece?

I don't spam the catalog, I only go for it when there's not another thread up

who cares? how often do you even look at the op?

so no spoilers today
fuck it i'm not staying up until 6 am for this thread

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there's possiblity there but who knows. just go to sleep user


It's definitely something people notice though, I've seen people come into the threads to tell us that they're sick of seeing Love's face in the catalog