Reading Berserk feels like a chore since this bitch showed up...

Reading Berserk feels like a chore since this bitch showed up. Is it just me who feels this way or are you guys a bunch or degenerate lolicons?

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I used to like Berserk but then I grew up. Golden Age was okay, afterwards it went to shit and then to absurdity.

>are you guys a bunch or degenerate lolicons?
If you aren't you can get the fuck out.

Reading Berserk feels like a chore because Miura stopped caring and you're left to hang on a story that will never get proper resolution.

It's true the vibe changes Berserk turns into JRPG quest manga but it's still good

this is the least offensive part, the way gerts jumps around and does somersaults all while looking like retarded batman ruined it

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I fap to loli regularly and don't give a fuck about anyone besides Guts after the Hawks, so shut up.

Every time there is a change of paradigm the series drastically changes tone and setting.
It was realistic medieval drama in the golden age.
It was edgy dark horror during black swordsman
And it became fantasy after conviction.

What do you think is next? I hope it goes all psychological and we get an EVA-like ending

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I have a small kernel of hope that Griffith shows up and kills members of Guts' new group (Hopefully Isidro and that fucking mermaid), traumatises Casca again and Guts resigns himself to killing Griffith being the only thing he has left.

It won't happen but Berserk will never get finished so my headcanon can never be refuted.

Sci-fi, Griffith opens a portal sending guts into the future where guts has to fight his way back into the past and kill Griffith before he summons the god hand.

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This is planned.

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No because I like them. Though ishidro feels like a waste. He should have similar relationship with guts that guts had with Gambino. Gambino is the second biggest trauma in guts's life.

No, it made sense for Guts to slowly open up and accept others. Jill in Lost Children was a work-up to that and Scheirke being the refined take on that relationship. She definitely serves as a signal for who truly reads Berserk and who's simply bandwagoning. Hint: See what characters they like and what characters they don't like, get their reasoning behind their dislike and draw the conclusion.

Berserk hasn't been good since Black Swordsman. It's high fantasy wanking that normalfaggots cling to because it's "the cool thing to like".
Is the art good? Sure.
Is the story good? No and it hasn't for a long time. Loose ends keeps getting added with no end in sight and it's clear the author has no intent on finishing it soon. And even if he did because it's so damn convoluted it would be a shit ending.

Miura likes the shota benis and loli bagina. He uses it both a symbol of purity, and as a symbol of corruption like with the mothgirl apostle and her cronies.

Being a lolicon has nothing to do with it.
Her addition and Isidro being relegated to comic relief killed Berserk.

Samurai Jack?

There's nothing wrong with being a lolicon

Berserk needs the comedy or it becomes too dark.

>falling for Berserk meme after early 00s
Are you retarded or ignorant?

I dont care as long as it actually goes somewhere. I doubt we will even get a proper ending

I hope you meant Conviction, because discarding the Golden Age like that is like throwing pearls to pigs.

Here you go, Mr. Libertarian

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When half your main cast is relegated to comic relief and is not a gag-manga there is a problem. Or this is it, Berserk going full gag-manga? Like the opposite of Toriyama moving from Arale to Dragon Ball Z.


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Just newfags and nostalgiafags getting caught up in the storytime that have been dumped the last few days.

Golden age is overrated. Berserk's story gets worse the more things are added and the more elements are "explained".