It’s time to finally decide, Yas Forums


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lilly for sure

Hanako is my favorite

My waifu, Rin, of course!

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imagine the footjobs

The one with the burns

Footjobs aren't really my thing.

Not anime < Fuck off

Look at how far Yas Forums has fallen.

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I used to enjoy those writefag threads way back then but Yas Forums has become so flooded with nonsense that I'd like all the off-topic stuff to be purged.

She taste like bacon

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Have any other old KS pictures?

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OP, your taste is inscrutable.

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>Created: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 5:23:04 PM

A few.

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Wait, shit, that's not what that word means at all.

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Thanks. Especially looking for the old art from the Bromont threads. That stuff is hard to find.

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That's all the Bromont stuff I have.

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You’re a cool guy, user

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