Anime often has food in it

Anime often has food in it

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Hitler liked food. Hmm...


And yet, you rarely see them poop

Bet this thread was made by an amerimutt.

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I'm loving hambaga

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this post was made by an Yas Forums crossboarder

I imagine the Japanese tourism industry promotes unrealistically aesthetic food in anime.

there needs to be an anime about the first nip to enjor the taste of american borgar

How about an anime about Den Fujita?

That's not food, that's trash.

Aren't there a lot of American flags on Yas Forums?

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Strange... I could have sworn they were eating hotdogs here last time I saw this episode.

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Indeed it does.

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whats that Sakurako? wide power??

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But this board is 70% latinamerican

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Reminder that Japs unironically eat vile shit like pic related.

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>implying only Yas Forums calls out mutts

they also eat marinara pizza which is a real italian pizza ameribabies cant handle

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Are those fries or what

its penne

>Thinking that just because it's not American suddenly makes it good.

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no, its good because it tastes good
but because its got seafood and americans have babby palates they cant eat it

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someone post it.

I've had macaroni and cheese topped pizza. It's 'MURICAN as all get out, but fuck is it good. I'd try this.