Tower of God anime

Episode 5 is out!!!!
finally the best girl show up

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read the manga here

What's this about?

Good anime

Why was the last thread deleted?

worst girl by far

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a boy follow his only friend in a tower
the tower is made up of many floors to pass in the next one you must pass a test like in Hunterxhunter

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Hwa Ryun already showed up in episode 2, dummy

bamdrossi mustard

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no androssi in OP image

a naive gary stu chosen one battle shonen, if you think sword art online is great then watch it

stop posting the bong bong girl

Shounen powerlevel fighting series about a tower ruled by a king where people pass tests to go to higher floors. MC is a simp but also secretly an OP magician who threatens the balance of the tower, so people try to use him. fights and friendships happen along the way

best ship ever made

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I miss when anak was relevant

finally caught up with the manwa. I still can't believe how hard the quality drops in the second half. it's like a completely different writer is working on it now

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>not keeping khun in ponytail mode

By second half you mean after the first time-skip right?

>Episode 5 is out!!!!
I like Androssi but the best girl will only show up at the naming station

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I guess after helltrain, its been nothing but garbage since then


Useless FILLER

>best girl

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Red >>> Yellow >>>>>>>>>>>>> brown

Doesn't even deserve being capitalized. Fucking shitty character bitch.

I must be the only guy in these threads that prefers xia xia

For sure is filler, but Elaine still a gem

The problem is too many useless side characters story.
Hell train is half KINO and Half Shit dont worry everything is payed off with Baam vs Zahard

>tog girls.png
>last one on second tier is a dude
nigga u gay

Yu isn't a girl.

Xia Xia is honestly a top 3 girl for me but she's still a jew.

She doesn't appear often, so she's not as popular. Would still breed her bunny cunny though.

fuck off he counts as a girl

You're not allowed to post in these threads until you can speak English. Shoo.

Green >>>>> all

This but Black (Yuri) is the best and slightly better than Red.

It’s quite decent until before Hell Train , and even if the quality dropped I think it’s still enjoyable, above average at least

It's been garbage since Jyu Viole Grace, bro.

baam vs young zahard is where power levels spiraled out of control


Fuck off faggots
The best girl Androssi is orange not brown

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I bet you want to suck Khun's tiny dick too you homo

>yeon yihwa so irrelevant that chartmaker forgot about her
Being flamethrower is suffering

>MC is a simp but also secretly OP
Like 95% of Japanese media characters. If you think of American heroes you think of some jacked Hulk. A British hero would be a suave guy in a suit. I wonder where Japs went so wrong.

Nope was revolution road where Baam become overpower , Baam vs Zahard was the last time of this webtoon where Baam was beated hard

Trash taste.

Isn't there like 300 chapters and it's only getting 13 episodes? If it doesn't get a surge in popularity it's just gonna finish at 13 episodes right

Red, brown, black, and green are all great and I don't think we should argue over them. We've been given four great girls, and also rachel.

This webtoon is divided in season
The anime cocer the first 1

It's 400+ chapters split into 3 "parts" (but part 2 is way longer than the others), so they'll finish part 1 with the anime maybe

Oh don't worry it'll get that surge at the last episode.

I wanna FUG hwa ryun!