Hunter x Hunter

Was one of the messages of Chimera Ant arc that naturalists and tree huggers are retarded and should go and die in horrible ways?
>muh NGL
>muh away from modern civilization/technology/medical treatment cause muh nature taking it's grizzly course
>let's do nothing about the ants and get killed/tortured/raped/eaten because nature says so
>get reincarnated as a Chimera Ant and continue the cycle, possibly on people you used to know and love.
Fuck the NGL and it's people

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Nature > Technology

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hxh has always been a series about social darwinism. Remember that one rock climber guy in the exam who got eaten by birds and the mcs dgaf?

Reminder that Togashi voiced the rock climber in both versions.

NGL? More like green hippyland luddite kekistan.

No but lol
>Fuck the NGL and its people
Gyro arc will make you regret that!

Say how many people died in the NGL?

Why do people call Leorio a main character?
He's clearly just an extra.

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inter-level security is a JOKE

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Just because he was set up at the beginning like he was going to be.

Are there still people speedreaders that think that NGL und East Gorteau are one and the same country? lol

What is this expression trying to convey?

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Kurapika, Leorio Hisoka und Illumi would feel really out of place in the Chimera Ants arc. Imagine those 4 interacting with the likes of Colt, Meleoron, Pitou, Pouf, Cheetu, Morel, Shoot, ect.

Also someone like Hisoka or Illumi wouldn't fit in a place like the NGL.

Extra main character.

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Fear/anxiety, you autist.

You have to be literally blind to think that is what miyazaki is getting at

just the first version iirc

Anime Welfin > Manga Welfin

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>show a bad example of X
>it means that X is bad
Fucking retard. Also
>let's do nothing about the ants and get killed/tortured/raped/eaten because nature says so
They never had any chance, or didn't you pay attention to the fact that they were actually drug dealers with guns and tried to fight back ?

Cheadle has been fucking Leorio raw the entire boat trip

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They weren't drug dealers with guns. There were drug dealers with guns who had subverted their nation and were ruling it from the shadows, but they weren't the majority of the people who were getting killed. This is like the "not real communism" argument being applied to tree huggers. Just because your movement is easy to subvert and destroy doesn't mean that it isn't your movement.

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Good one.

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You mean Leorio has been fucking Cheadle? Right?

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Hey fucking homo, they could always run to the NGL goverment and explain the situation or spread the word that there are a giant bugs killing people. Also drug dealers were a minority with the NGL people.

Wrong. Miyazaki thinks that nature should be protected from technology.

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cheadle x welfin

Welfin too old.

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>Zodiacs: "All Hunters must come here and vote!!!"
>Kurapika: "no"

[some time later]

>Zodiacs: "Any Hunter who doesn't vote, is violating the Hunter laws and must come here and hand in his license!!!"
>Kurapika: "no"

Is there any character who is more based?

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>Ging Freecss: "okayyyyyyyy"

NGL was pretty great actually, it almost had an horror vibe going on with all those people dying and old characters getting butchered. One of the best bits of this part was when Gon started talking about dehumanizing the enemy, it was nice foreshadowing. The NGL underground was very interesting and so was Gyro's backstory. All in all, I love the NGL arc.

"Don't die, until you die."

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And then Kurapika became a Zodiac despite repeatedly ignoring their orders and proceeded to carry them throughout the current arc. No character is more based.

Did the Spider members know each other since they were kids or when they were a bit older?

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>Togashi voiced the rock climber
That was just like 1 line.

Who would Kurapika have voted for during the Election if he showed up?

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He also voiced someone in the pilot but it wasn't revealed

>"I went to see the recording of the pilot at JSAT (Jump Super Anime Tour) '98. I was so eager to see it. I also took part in it so please listen for that."
>*Note: In 1998, Togashi voice acted in JSAT's HxH anime pilot, but the role played is unknown.* - WSJ Issue 33 (Chapter 18)

>Togashi is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the author of Sailor Moon.