Kimetsu no Yaiba confirmed to be ending in May

>Kimetsu no Yaiba confirmed to be ending in May
>The Promised Neverland also ending this year
>Bokuben has 3 IF ending routes left and will probably ended after that
>Yunna also seems to be approaching an ending
>Haikyuu is close to ending and will be finished by the end of this year or next
One Piece will still be around for a little while longer, but will end eventually. Are any of the newer series capable of being a pillar for WSJ or filling in a spot made by these manga soon to be ending?

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Chainsaw already seems fairly popular for only running just over a year. Though I don't see it lasting in Jump longer than 120 chapters. Anime will probably make it blow up even more.

The king will carry jump

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Jujutsu has a good road ahead of it and the anime is sure to solidify it's stay among the top brass. As much as I like Chainsaw, I can't see it going over 150, maaaybe 200. Undead has a nice charm to it, I can see it prevailing dye to big series ending and it could get an anime soon. I feel in the next coming months we will get to know the next big hit, I'd wager September for them to show up

No, SJ will now have to make solid shounen series with a definitive start to end instead of relying on One Piece. MHA is a good example of a horrible series that tried to modernize and dragged itself for too much.

I need to read the second chapter. I didn't find the first all that funny, but it was still amusing.

Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man will be the next big hits of WSJ. Act Age will also be a hit and while some of the new gag manga like Mitama or Agravity boys will maybe I'm sure success will be found among them too.

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The second chapter was better, it scratched that Saiki itch of "relevant, wacky parents" pretty well.

With Haikyuu ending a new sports series is sure to be in the works, maybe from a returning artist for a safer bet. Jujutsu is filling in for supernatural adventures that Kimetsu is gonna leave open, so the next big hit will be either sports or comedy I think

I have a feeling that Undead Unluck will get a Psyren-esque run.

I fell once One Piece ends that will be it for long form shonen. Even though it is running strong, it's a product of a bygone era of DB, Kenshin, YYH, an so forth. In the following years we'll see more and more stories that land a solid run over a long-ish span of chapters. When OP reaches the end that's it for long running series

I agree and I think it'll be for the better. I'd rather read something that'll end in 4-6 years and leave you wanting more than something that drag on far pass since when it was still good.

I mean, you shouldn't include YYH in long running shonen, it has less volumes than kimetsu.

that's the general problem with modern long running shounen like MHA and BC and sequel cash cows like Bort and DBS.

I think that now we know how an amazing anime adaptation can enhance sales immensely, it might be time to invest into animation again like Demon slayer.

I think the JoJo story route with having multiple parts might become more present not to mention that it's basically been done already with Naruto- Shippuden- Bort, Dragon ball-->Z->GT->super->movies

Not to mention the multiple movie adaptations of canon story arcs like Dragon ball broly and demon slayer train movie.

I mean, Berserk is older than OP

Based. MoriKINO will be the new pillar of Jump.

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will we ever get another series like OP in our lifetime?
>spans decades
>good worldbuilding
>great characters
>fun villains
>consistent lore
or is it truly just lightning in a bottle?

I'd rather have that too, but it's still kinda sad. The giants we knew for so long will finally lay down. For all it's faults, few series will hit the highs of OP in the coming years

You're right, YYH had a shorter run. I still lump them together cause it did it's own spin on 90's shonen tropes

Nothing should last that long.
OP has been consistently gotten worse since the timeskip and Oda focusing on everything but the main cast.

>maybe from a returning artist for a safer bet.
The return of Fujimaki? AGAIN?

But it doesn't have consistency as OP did and it is a seinen manga at the end of the day

Fuck no, Robot Laserbeam was a damn trash fire. Jump won't let him back. I'd like to see guys who had a semi-strong run in the late 2000's early 10's come back

>S-Tier (The Top Percentile)
01.27 One Piece
01.44 Kimetsu no Yaiba

>A-Tier (20th to 40th Percentile)
03.11 Dr. Stone
03.56 Boku no Hero Academia
03.79 Haikyu!!
04.16 Yakusoku no Neverland
05.25 MASHLE

>B-Tier (40th to 60th Percentile)
06.44 Chainsaw Man
06.54 ACT-AGE
06.66 Jujutsu Kaisen
06.67 Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
06.90 Black Clover

>C-Tier (60th to 80th Percentile)
08.35 Undead Unluck
08.78 Mitama Secureity
10.42 Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

>D-Tier (The Bottom Percentile)
10.58 Mission: Yozakura Family
10.70 Agravity Boys
11.12 Majo no Moribito

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>will we ever get another series like OP in our lifetime?
I'm sure something will come around, by the time it happens I feel like many of us won't even be reading shonen battle manga anymore.

Soon come:
>S-Tier (The Top Percentile)
01.19 Moriking

Why is Mashle shilled that hard jesus fuck. Also
>06.66 Jujutsu Kaisen
in before muh discrimination

A series like OP, with decade spanning run won't be coming out of the woodwork so soon. Maybe a few years down the line we could see some new faces that grew up on it testing their might, a 500 chapters or so behemoth, maybe starting in the late 20's

Leave WSJ to us. Gag manga are free to join in too.

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So far, not much. People say Tower of God is similar for some reason.

Most stories cannot plan for that long due to the fact that it may get cancelled early before the plot points can be resolved.
One Piece is almost an exception to most Shounen to begin with to actually have a plan for a long term story.

Even One Piece's past predecessors like Dragon Ball had to rely on making stuff up week to week.

>scratched that Saiki itch
You have my attention. I will give it a go.

This. CSM has good potential but Fujimoto already said he doesn't want to make any long series.

How does One Piece keep doing it?

You can say what you want but I personally give my props to Oda for managing to not shit his own series into oblivion like many other artist who couldn't handle long serializations.
The dude's has a great work ethic.

>Harry Potter
>cute boys

It's not even shilling, nips love all that stuff.

KNY has shown Shonen Jump the way though. If they can capture the magic of that series again then they could easily continue on for a generation before demographic changes again.