spoilers in 7 hours, reze foreshadowed

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Sorry bros, frog doesn't lie

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No spoilers this week, newfag.

Beam is dead.
-Future Devil

if beam is confirmed dead I'll actually be crying

What does her shirt mean?

Denji seems so tame compared to every other devil we've seen. Quanxi is sanic but on steroids and uncle krampas is just pulling shit out his ass constantly.

Devils never really die, retards.

Future Devil, I'll give you dubs, in return give me and only me the next chapter.

Beam was a fiend. Even if Shark Devil comes back in some capacity he won't be Beam.

Is there art of Quanxi as Gehrman and Stitches as the Doll yet?

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Not that i know.

I stopped reading when I found out the main character was a teenager

She's in Makima's rape dungeon, she's as good as dead, user

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Denji just hasnt yet realized all the crazy shit he can do with chainsaws.

Cool, bro.

It was funny on how fast people jumped on the Stitches train after everyone got cut up.

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One piece spoilers is out, fucking retard. Reeducate yourself.

>tfw liked her from the start
as long as people have seen the light I don't care

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>tfw you will never read golden ark of berserk because he was a teenager nor firepunch cause he is mentally a teen

God I love her so much..

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Reze is very much still alive.

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Someone wants to get penetrated again, I see.

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for a weird zombie girl, she's super cute

Might as well repost this here

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i wonder if angel up on the building, looking down into the city and seemingly wishing to live like them, was an intentional wings of desire reference or just a similar kind of image

Loom at this need at doesnt know how golden week changes the leaks

Fucking kek.


Anyone got source for the song?

thanks m8

it's also a Shiina Ringo cover so you might want to look into that

Yeah, I found Shiina Ringo but was wondering who covered it.