Shingeki no Kyojin

Is the Keith/new recruit/window guy plotline really going to come towards helping to fight the Yeagerists at the port? Seems like overkill since the alliance is doing fine by themselves there.

What and where else could the Keith/new recruits/window guy plotline go and do?

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Pieck's Butt

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>ywn see Reiner bashing Annie's head with a happer
>ywn see Reiner twisting Annie's jew nose
>ywn see Reiner stomping on Annie's face over and over
>ywn see Reiner tying Annie and lock her down in a basement to starve
>ywn see Reiner inviting his bros to drug Annie and gangrape her
>ywn see Reiner urinating on Annie
Why live

Hope they return one day

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kino soon

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annie a shit

How come there's less EHfags than normal? There used to be so many of them

They became doomposters and mostly fuck off.

just wait until the new chapter drops

I bullied them away

We know Isayama

Haven't read this since about sasha died

so, how good it is now?

Sex with Annie

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we got gabed hardcore

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I love him

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Armong is sad
LHAJMC has joined up with Marley against Eren
Magath is a good boy now
Floch jobs as usual

Most EHfags don't have to talk about it in every thread all the time. And it's always been other shippers mention EH more than the actual EHfags do

We know, Mikasa. He loves you too

Was good then bad, then worse, then good, then amazing, but now it's shit


It gets worse by the chapter. It's really shocking. Yams is undoing all of the good shit he's written. Last good chapter was released in October.

Nobody believes this, they spammed every single thread all the time. Truth is they turned into doomposters, realized they lost and fucked off

I personally believe that Yams is purposely writing the cringevengers to be incompetent and disorganized because at this point, there's no way they're going to be able to lay a finger on Eren unless it's through some deus ex machina

Not really. And there's no manga chapter for another month to even discuss. Threads are dead and shouldn't even be made.

What are the chances of Eren and/or Zeke being a Tybur/Annie crystal underground in Shiganshina? Maybe that's why Keith and the new recruits are there to cause conflict about that with the Yeagerists

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He probably thinks people will be excited when they finally start becoming a real team who care and respect each other.


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>Threads are dead and shouldn't even be made.
And yet EHfags still come back sometimes.

123 was released on November though

You know what is the worst thing of post-rumble SnK?

It 's that the Yeagerist and Eren are painted as the ultimate baddies while formerly grey characters like Kiyomi and Magath are now shown as the pillars of rationality even though Kiyomi was originally fine with rumbling the Marleyan fleet so that she could earn money off Paradis' resources and Magath who used to be a giant dick to Eldians is now suddenly "racism is bad, mkay?". I applauded Isayama for how hey made this interesting grey political conflict before, but everything went too shit post-rumbling.

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Someone post the EH version of this image

>Magath who used to be a giant dick to Eldians is now suddenly "racism is bad, mkay?"
Read Marley again, this time slower.

Everything that needs to be discussed about EH has already been discussed. What would be the point of spamming the same arguments in every thread?
>Truth is they turned into doomposters, realized they lost and fucked off
You have to be retarded to think this. If anything, the continued absence of Historia during alliance chapters just makes it more obvious her character is closely tied to Eren's. As if getting pregnant for the sake of his plan wasn't evidence enough for that.

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>He cared about muh warrior children
Of course he likes the children, but he wouldn't hesitate a second to sacrifice them to a new warrior if they stepped out of bounds. His character development was him realising he carried about Gabi/Falco. But what's bad writing is the fact that that personal development suddenly resulted in him admitting that his entire worldview was wrong. I would be fine with it if he didn't give his moralfaggotry speech.