I actually like Violet evergarden and wish I could talk about it on Yas Forums...

I actually like Violet evergarden and wish I could talk about it on Yas Forums, but the attitude and behavior of the autistic VEGfag makes it impossible to do this. Nor do I want to even be remotely associated with someone who has such a childish personality when it comes to criticism. He is the sole reason I avoid VEG threads even though I'm a fan, because he will be there and he will be starting shit with other fanbases for no reason other than anger that they don't think like he does.

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Holy cringeroni

Oh hey I found him.

There's more than one obnoxious VEG autist

They should probably all fuck off to the VEG subreddit if they're so desperate to talk in an echo chamber.

They're just 2 or 3. They probably have a discord since they always show up together in their "raids".

So, you're saying "we" lost a blogger.
What a tragedy.

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kek. i love Evergarden

they should get a better hobby

>if they're so desperate to talk in an echo chamber
Funny, i don't recall ever asking for one though that would be nice. Also there are plenty of other threads that are echo chambers on Yas Forums. Why don't you take issue with those? If they can have that i see no reason why we can't. I also don't really have a problem with criticism unless it's unfounded or forced by one of the 2 spammers that usually ruin evergarden threads.

>They should probably all fuck off to the VEG subreddit
Never posted there and i don't want to. Also you can give up on me leaving at least. If your cancerous spam and kyoani animators literally burning to death can't get me to leave then nothing ever will. I can't speak for the other evergarden fans but i will at least be here forever. If i can't have what i want then i promise to destroy everything you niggers care about.

You have an irrational and unjust hatred for kyoani.

Why? I truly don't get it, i love what i do. Evergarden is an amazing tv anime. You have to be comatose to not be able to appreciate it.

You didn't have to ask.

OP here. You are the problem. You are why I can't talk about the anime even though I think it's amazing. You are why everyone thinks VEGfags are so autistic. Take his advice and fuck off.

>astro turfing this hard
Embarrassing how obsessed you are.

Playing victim really doesn't work after you've shitposted SoraYori and other shows to death.

>You are why I can't talk about the anime even though I think it's amazing.
Wrong, i wish that were true then i could actually do something about it. Look in the archived. The threads were badly spammed ever since episode 1 dropped. It's been 2 spammers mainly doing it for over 2 years now. Also Yas Forums is not one person. There's more people who like Evergarden here besides me and you. Also look up pareto's principle.

user there's more than 1 fucking person here. If someone/(s) doing that, you're not replying to them.

I like the ones who beg jannys to delete posts

Lol still playing the victim. So sad.

Look up self awareness.

I'm not playing the victim you autistic troll. I'm literally just stating facts, it's all in the archives. You can't rewrite history.

I wouldn't need to i'm not whoever you think posts in yorimoi threads.

Rofl, OP is right, you are a fucking child.

You're misunderstanding. That poster is simply using it as an example, he's not even shitting on the show. Why can you not understand this? Sora Yori is just an easy example to use because it was on CR's streaming platform. At least i'm not acting schizophrenic like you.

>That poster

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all me

Okay this will be my last reply. I've told you you're talking to different people you schizophrenic nigger. I'm done trying to be reasonable with you. Fucking retard.

Congratulations, OP.
Your faggotry and validation seeking has killed a perfectly fine thread on the catalog and replaced it with a circlejerk for the spastics whose brain trenches house a titchy crippled veteran at a very affordable price.

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>people like to force shitposting between sora yori and violet evergarden therefore the example that user gave is invalidated
What a totally rational line of thinking. Bravo niggers.

Hey, you said that was your last reply and you were running away. Why were you lying?

How does she do it? How can one girl be so controversial?

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no one cares

Did she always have a butt that big?