This is a nice little slice of life anime. I'll be dumping the next few chapters

This is a nice little slice of life anime. I'll be dumping the next few chapters.

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Fuck, meant to type manga. Shows what lack of sleep does to you.

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wtf. ugly furrshit eww

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I wanna hug the weasel and raccoon

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>it got licensed
>fan group drops translating it
God dammit

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Wait, what?

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Yeah, I went to check the manga dex page and a guy from the translator group announced they were dropping it cause “hey you can buy the official release in next January :^)”

You fucking lied to me Yas Forums! You told me that reading this wouldn't turn me into a god damn furry.

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Of course it was going to turn you into a furry what the fuck where you thinking?

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Hmofa is based,just don't be a furr fag or dress like animals

furries are the bane of my existence

I mean, I ain’t a furry, but I’d fuck the raccoon in this manga until she couldn’t walk anymore

Hey, user, it's kemono. Way better.

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God, the raccoon does things to me

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She’s good with kids too, and would be very easy to trick into marriage by playing into her ego

That why hmofa is the way

That's fucking stupid. Their translations are amazing

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Holy shit, I was just reading this the other day. I really love this manga, the side bars taught me a lot about Japanese food/culture/shrines/yokai.
It got licensed? I thought it had just stopped being made and/or translated and was disappointed. That sucks for the fan translations, especially since who knows when the more recent chapters will be translated, but maybe we'll get something good out of it. I'd personally like some merchandise, even an anime.

I know, its ruined my day

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The sidebars are a true delight. The official translations should keep them.

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>just don't be a furr fag
I think I'm screwed. I'm starting to get aroused by her paws.

Why can't a flattie ever brag about it during breast jokes?

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Hell if I know.

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