Owari no Seraph Chapter 90 Spoilers

>Mika confesses
>"I love you, Yuu-chan"
>Explodes and dies (?)
Spoiler images here: m.weibo.cn/detail/4499138010410676

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Hopefully he stays dead.
Otherwise the homotrain will never stop.

What the fuck's happened. I left off when Guren told the team he was the one responsible.

Haven’t been following this series.

Has Shinoa fucked Yuu yet?

Posting the images

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If I tell I have no idea either will you believe me?

Of course not. Yuu has been very Mika-focused in the latest chapters. The new chapters just adds to it. I will post translations as well.

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>killing the whole reason this series still has a following
Yeah, nah, he's surviving in some way.

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>Owari no Seraph

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fujofags literally BTFO

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And last page of the spoilers is I am going to post some translations next.


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> Now this
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Told the team he was responsible for what? The ritual? Keeping that horsemen seraph restrained? Either way that was so long ago literally everything happened since then

Note: I am not sure about the timeline of events here, so I am posting how I found them. The person didn't translate everything.

>Yuu: I don't want to be alone anymore
>Ashera: hm
>Yuu: I-I don't want to feel this painful again.
>Ashera: you're right
>Yuu: I don't want this anymore (??)
>Ashera: It will change.
>Yuu: I want to disappear. A helpless ugly monster like me...
>Ashera: it's okay to cry. If it gets tough, it's okay to run away.
>Yuu: is that so? Then... is it okay to die?
>Ashera: That's okay. It's up to you.
>Yuu : you'll be happy if you take me right?
>Ashera : yeah
>Yuu: then. Please do it. I'm tired.
>Ashera: what Mika told you before, it's better if you try to remember again.
>Yuu : what Mika told me before...?
>Mika (flashback) : "it's okay, I'll protect you, Yuu-chan"
>Ashera: you are loved by Mika
>Ashera : Mika is crazy about you (??)
>Ashera: even though Mika died while leaving you a reason to live (???) Yet you just want to die so easily huh..
>Ashera: it's hard trying to live right? It's always hard.
>Ashera: it's time to open your eyes. From now on, find your reason to live. *pats Yuu's head*
>Ashera : the one who gives you a reason to live, Mika who is dying.
>Ashera: now open your eyes wide, soulless demon who wants to die.
>Mika: ah... Yuu-chan, don't cry.
>Yuu: Mika!! Please wait!! It's impossible to be alone!! I can't!!
>Mika : (it's okay... I'm sure it's going to be okay... Yuu-chan...)
>Mika : Yuu-chan
>Mika : I love you
>Yuu : MIKA!!!

Ashura used "aishiteru" when he described what Mika feels for Yuu. Mika used "daisuki" in his confession.

>Krul arrives at the scene last chapter
>no Krul at all again despite her being literally few meters away

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Forgot, chapter title is:

Translated as “The reason is Mika”.

when will you retards learn
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Krul was literally watching and gave zero fucks about Mika

mika was obviously gay but this chapter practically confirms it I guess

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Nobody ever questioned his orientation.

Mikafags officially cucked based shinoa will be the one sucking yuus cock from now on and fujofags will accept because muh tragic gays