Tower of God Episode 5 thread

Best Body
Best Girl

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Like a true italian

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When does Bagingi show up?

read the manga here

How can other girls even compete?

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Yuri > latex ginger > horngirl > anak > swordgirl > rahel > smug wall lady

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You forgot Yu Hansung.

Why should I read that, gook manga sucks, japan is better

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Sorry but Androssi is the best

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Rachel did nothing wrong.

Androssi is for going on dates and maybe holding hands with
Hwa Ryun is for fucking as FWBs after your date with Androssi
Rachel is the fat tumblrina who dumped you and for some reason you still keep thinking about her while dating Androssi

Reposting the polls for new anons to participate

I told you guys she was Zahard's sister

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Rachel did nothing wrong until she said that she did nothing wrong.

I didn't forget him, I just didn't include dudes

Reminder that it's still going to be gay when White sucks Baam's dick while his female clone is the lead personality

>Zahard's sister

Why is Anaak barefoot?

That part of the hell train was hilarious, from Khun's constant verbal abuse to White insulting her.
All the characters just go out of their way to be fucking cunts when it comes to Rachel.

Ho should have been a girl

she is the daugther of V why?
because both never get envy of their friends

Why is Rak barefoot?

That would be too cruel, double whammy since he's already a bitch

have you ever seen a lizard in shoes?

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They're relatives.

Better for balance, aerodynamics and fighting. Only retards like Androssi fight in high heels.

>Only retards like Androssi fight in high heels.
hot retards

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There's no point in climbing the tower if you can't feel beautiful from time to time.

ToG really caters to my fetish of super pale pretty boys. The entire Khun family, White, Hockney. Hatsu was basically porcelain-white in the webcoomic too, but they made him more normal-colored in the anime.

fat fucking milkers and thighs, noice.
Her lo po bia sister was also really hot.

This series so far is severely disappointing and a bad influence on good taste, but I gotta admit the sound design is fucking FANTASTIC. I'm watching for that alone since everything else is lacking

I love it. Fuck Rachel.

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user you are a tsundere for this show
we know you like it

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why such a lewd outfit?

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Sound design is nothing special in it, tho.

So how is this show doing in Japan?

How do I find a cute twink bro who would rest on my lap in no-homo way?

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ToG opening full version is 1st is japanese ranking
so pretty well

im just herefor the shitposting

Better wait for the last episode then

In fairness to Rachel, at least she cares.

I thought the jazz bit last episode was a nice change from the norm, but it felt out of place and the animation didn't really match it.

>tfw Hwa Ryun barely does anything in s1
>tfw animeonlys won’t care about her

everyone in asia and south america seems to like Kpop right now so that doesn't really tell me anything, maybe they like to see koreans speaking japanese. For instance the most popular japanese pornstar right now is Eimi FUkada, a korean-japanese girl which is meh but the japs love her because it makes them feel superior, like they are taking something from koreans which is a thing they love to do, confort women etc

Why is there no fanart from japan? why only ugly reddit fanart? what do japs actually think of the show, does it sell well? is there something to even sell yet? like at all?

I know the chinks are loving it, but can they be enough to guarantee a quick 2nd season?

that was a very gay way

They gave her tits, that's enough.

La hermana...

cares about what? building a mountain of corpses to stand on?

so the god of high school is also getting an anime because of this naver/crunchy partnership right? are there any more anime we know that is coming, or that are likely to?

go in japanese twitter
>2nd season
if they dont ruin the patching second season is sure like a commie who cry because he must work

This is one of the most beautifully animated, most interesting story, and best soundtracks I've heard in almost a decade. The MC is a twink but everything else makes up for it.

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TOG's been running for ten years. Anime's pretty popular in streaming sites and webtoon's coughing up the dough

They already care more about her then horn bitch

guys I don't think season 2 is getting animated or if it does, they will have to do something about Ran, right? normies already are comparing this to hiatus x hiatus, at one point it will become obvious SIU stole a shitload of things from HXH, Ran is a copyright nightmate waiting to happen, SIU didn't even try there he straight out copied Killua

>animeonlys won’t care about her

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Basterd is very likely then unordinary

Based AndrossiChad
killua have

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>Why is there no fanart from japan? why only ugly reddit fanart?
Go check twitter, Koreans produce shitton of ToG fanart and their art style is usually indistinguishable from Japanese.
Nips don't seem to care about the show at all, which is kinda strange since it involves several famous VAs.

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I hope Rachel or Gustang have good tastes for her redesign wish and she looks like that

The majority of comments seem to be talking about the group, not the show. I know Stray Kids is pretty popular, I'd bet that it's their fanbase boosting numbers on that more than people who like ToG.

killua have a fucking character development ran is just 100% autistic like his sister maschenny

Reminder that Nia is best girl.

Her body count is pretty low, tho. But the names on it hurt

>god of highschool is going to be animated by MAPPA and the korean due who has a hard on for martial arts
pretty lucky

Japan HAET Korea

Now that i think about it Rachel can ask to gustang to become a Zahard princess.
gustang create them so is possible

Androssi unironically killed like ten times more people than Rachel, maybe more.

what did Rachel ever do that make people hate her so much?
and before you ask, yes i've read the first season, i'm currently in the hell train and she seems pretty based

>go in japanese twitter
Search for what? 神之塔 brings up a lot of screenshot and not very much (good) fanart.

That's a well known fact. But I thought that at least famous Japanese VAs would lure some nips to watch it.

Pretty sure Rachel will see the stars but no one to share the joy with. It has been written

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Gustang created the princess shit so she is guranteed to become a semen demon

is that pic supposed to prove your point that korean fanart is indistinguishable from japs? because it looks like female human shit

>Nips don't seem to care about the show at all

I knew they would do this, they will do everything in their power to pretend the show isn't good ONLY because it's made by a korean lad, I respect their strict "only japanese" way of thinking that goes from sex preferences to art, but I was expecting them to make an exception with this show... kinda sad but understandable, let's just hope the chinks can make s2 happen

>what did Rachel ever do that make people hate her so much?
i am reading a manga i dont want real girl in it

She hurt their self insert

By messing with the three most based characters with wonderful character development and stabbing them while she stays the same

W-what about her girlfriend?

People cheer and venerate warriors while shunning ratsneak assassins in the dark.

Bam seems tired of this shit. He should finally tell Khun that he’s not gay and be done with it.

Keep reading.

>By messing with the three most based characters with wonderful character development
who are they?

Rachel betrayed and killed her because it meant she could have an extra cookie at dessert time.