What anime do you love that others hate? Or do you only like popular anime

What anime do you love that others hate? Or do you only like popular anime.

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I unironically really liked kill la kill and ended up genuinely watching it for the plot.

Nobody hates kill la kill what the fuck are you talking about?!

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nobody hates it

>hiroyuki sawano OST, EGOIST OP-ED.
>story is original
>redjuice as character designer.
>production I.G.

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Nice digits. I liked Requiem for the Phantom.
I also liked Tsukihime

Speak for yourself.

also checked OP

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"Hate" is a strong word, user.
Anyway, had you ever been to a 3x3 thread, you'd know that fot pretty much every anime, there exists at least one person who will attack people just for liking it. If that's your definition of hate, all anime that I love are "hated" by other people. Certainly all nine on my 3x3.

Also I don't get the hate Watamote receives.

DitF was better than VEG. Quite impressive I'd say.

Aldnoah Zero, Glasslip, K, Guilty Crown

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Yamada, B Gata H Kei. Thought it was rather funny.

no one cares what you think

>DitF was better than VEG.
No, it wasn't. You can like it more than VEG, sure, find it more entertaining. But it sure as hell was not "better" by any objective standard you could apply. Not on a technical level when it comes to writing or filmmaking or animation.

School Days

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This get's a lot of hate on Yas Forums for some reason. I love mirai as well since i'm a huge hosoda fag.
Because it went from something good to something generic and very mediocre.

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Nah, it was better in those areas too. I don't really have to think something as soulless as VEG is any good

If you pretend that everything after episode 15 didn't happen, like I do, DiTF is significantly better.

No fun allowed uh?

What causes an anime to make people like you butthurt to edit an image to show how angry you are?

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>responding to him

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Is there even something as a universally hated show?
I guess the best thing I can think of would be sarazanmai which wasn't exactly hated but got the usual flack for being pozzed and wasn't really popular with any group except I guess for fujos, which I am not

>Every single monster girl
All girls are monsters, user.

Anyway, phenomena like Esdese and 02 are easily explained by the dumb masses going for "muh tits" and completely ignoring personality.

Of course, your meme is pretty shit, all things considered, as it generalizes far too much and at some point just becomes "popular = bad", even though some of the girls aren't even popular, and gets to a point where it itself completely ignores personality and paints characters with broad brushes based on rather superficial appearances.

I have been waiting years for an answer as to why some people dedicate their lives daily to getting angry about an anime and constantly sharing to everyone how much they hate it, we got people here from 4 years ago who still can't get over an anime and make daily posts about it.

DitF was good until zero two turned into the giant Stirlitzia in ep 23 or whenever that was

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All anime has haters and lovers. I don't remember any anime being univers/a/lly hated other than Naruto a few years ago. I guess maybe Free! since it got so many Yas Forumsnons booty bothered but even that got civil threads after the initial shock.
Makoto best boy.

>If you pretend that everything after episode 15 didn't happen, like I do, DiTF is significantly better.
No, then it's simply unfinished. Just as pointless as it was, but you can keep deluding yourself that it will turn around and get better at some point.
The simple fact is that the writing went wrong early on, but relationship drama and some minor slice of life things overshadowed the complete lack of thematic purpose and coherence. Animation and direction also didn't suddenly get worse after episode 15, they had always been rather bland and simplistic.

babby's first waifu

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Except that was the part when Franxx became good.