If you could read/watch one series for the first time again which would it be and why?

If you could read/watch one series for the first time again which would it be and why?

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TTGL. I went into it completely blind and was about ready to drop it when episode 8 came around which carried 100x the weight it would've it it'd been dangled in front of me as a carrot. And seeing the third OP be my notification that a timeskip had occured made me coom.


There’s probably none for me. I feel a lot of nostalgia for the series I’ve read, and some that aren’t finished. I’ve been too involved in talking about them, to the point that forgetting about them to rewatch would be a negative.

Probably one of Douman Seiman manga. No one does insane plot twists and reveals quite like him

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Sawako a shit. A SHIT.

Honestly I can't think of much other than the first anime I watched but even then I feel if i forgot all my memories surrounding it I wouldn't be the person I am.

In terms of Vidya though Drv3 since I spoiled myself.

you take that back

persona 3


Not Kusoben that's for sure.

NGE and EoE without a doubt.

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I would probably watch Lain again because it was spoiled for me before I watched it the first time.

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I’d love to revisit all of the laughs and emotional moments the series gave me. No other series I’ve read / seen even comes close to how much Yugami-kun is important to me.

Spirit circle. I have read it like 5 times now and I still get feels like a bitch.

Kill la kill. I miss those threads.

Jing: King of Bandits

Probably this or SamFlam.

calm down rizu user

I haven't seen SamFlam.
Why do you like it?

Fire punch

you're jealous because sawako got a route instead of rizu

It's a really good super hero story.
It asks the question, how far are you willing to pursue justice.

I will be sure to check it out. Thanks user.

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Put your trip back on MKL

Spirit circle was pretty kino, I also loved Lucifer and biscuit hammer. Circle I can kind of grasp, but I'm really surprised Biscuit hammer hasn't gotten an anime yet. It has everything it needs to be a hit.


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bokuben 100-102

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Red Riding hood's wolf apprentice, several chapters of this series gave me diabetes
Machimaho(the wait for more volumes is driving me insane) it had a fantastic development in the last chapter and followed up with some solid feels.

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As good as biscuit hammer is, spirit circle blows it out of the water for me. The mc is good and the way the story is told is 12/10 elder god tier. Also Fortuna did literally nothing wrong.