Just finished part 4, Josuke is inconsistent as fuck

Just finished part 4, Josuke is inconsistent as fuck
>oh hey haha im like a timid weirdo who is afraid of turtles and gets really mad when you insult his hair
>nvm my grandpa died so I get strong sense of [justice] for a handful of arcs
>oh nvm im actually a normalfag kid who loves scheming and playing around lol
>hahah oh what? jotaro wants to hunt im more of a love guy hahaha, ignore that girl gang I had earlier ok?
>haha im a gentle soul let me turn people into books and rocks so they can experience living hell and heal people just put them back in the hospital XD
>oh I just remembered all that shit from the beginning about protecting morioh and my grandpa, time to act like a jotaro level shounen hero again!
Josuke is the worst Jojo so far character wise. His design is fugly too

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How many people finished part 4 this week?

Early Josuke was Araki's Peter Parker
Late Josuke is Marty McFly


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Seriously. Did it just get added to netflix or something? Theres been several anti-part 4 threds daily for the past 2 weeks.

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No netflix only has parts 1 - 3 so far so that's really odd

Josuke is alright but Koichi being a secondary protag is awful, fuck him

He's inconsistent like most humans beings, characters like Jotaro are one dimentional, almost no one is like that IRL (and I'm not shitting on Jotaro I love him to death but he is still pretty much one direction)

Nah, just some hater with a lot of free time who wants to establish a new meme.

Maybe the dub released? That would explain the retards


I think the word you are looking for is "dimensional"

I did but I read the manga and just got into Jojo about two months ago.


A character can be dimensional without changing personality 20 million times.

If you pretend every character in part 4 has bipolar disorder it becomes somewhat better

>oh no, he's not one-dimensional like all my favorite shitty characters!

Ok lets spell it out for you. It establishes he is scared of turtles but he is willing to touch one to save it's life to show what kind of caring person he is. The hair thing is a quirk but it also explains why he flips out in a rage as that hair style represents his personal hero. Jojo's always had a strong sense of justice in their own way. The only thing I can agree with is that being turned into a rock is horrible but he wanted to keep with the theme of Jojo's "no kill policy" except when it comes to DIO to represent how evil DIO is.

>If you headcanon that the whole cast is mentally ill it gets better
Poor justification for bad writing.

The dub came out in 2016 and part 5 dub is currently airing on adult swim and just reached the 2nd half

Nice original thread.

We get it, you keep making the same thread. This is shitty b8 at this point that no one is buying

Just one guy. Literally there was basically 1/100 of the hate for part for when the part aired and the whole year or two after it aired. Yet suddenly for a two weeks after corona basically forced everyone shut in, Conveniently, there is now a thread everyday. Its clearly some shit poster who has a load of free time now and has nothing to do.

its just the same retard who makes the same thread everyday

is the dub good?

Based. Part 4 sucks.

I liked Part 1 and 2's dub, since it's pretty campy. 3 is mixed, I fucking hate polnareff and Jotaro loses that bass but Avdol and Joseph sound alright. 4 is meh, the guy who does Koichi's screams is an MVP. If you played Resident Evil, you might get a kick out of Wesker being Kira. 5 is just straight ass.

>anti-part 4 threds daily for the past 2 weeks.
I can't say it was daily, but i remember that part 4 hate threads were frequent since july of the past year, those 5 guys are spamming since that time and our worst mistake was giving recognition to them.

Wesker's VA voiced Kira? Holy shit, that sounds amazing.

When will you make Part 1 sucks thread?

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People have been saying this for months, it's not the dub