I actually enjoyed it a lot. What exactly did people have a problem with?

I actually enjoyed it a lot. What exactly did people have a problem with?

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Was a bit too vanilla for my tastes, also quite boring and not to mention short. There are better ones out there.

People are retarded. This show had glorious aesthetic hand drawn mechs unlike most other 10s shows which used 3dcg cancer to cut corners for their robot animation.

They turned her into a generic romance character. Fatoshi getting cucked and Ichigo getting rejected will always be funny though

People had through the roof expectations for the ending and it turned out to be aliens again which is very unoriginal by Gainax/Trigger standards. The show also has multiple references to older Gainax/Trigger anime, which nu-Trigger fans think is bad not realizing their beloved TTGL did the same.

It was better than VEG, despite all the hype VEG had to do through marketing, so Kyoanus fags got sour at it and made things up to bring it down.

>What exactly did people have a problem with?
Zero Two having her fun, spicy personality replaced with just dull blandness after episode 16 or whatever.

Literally retarded mech design, they looked like bad megaman bosses.

The last 4 episodes could have been an entire season unto themselves with how much they suddenly tried to cram 2 massive all in wars, with the last one taking them to space to turn it into a star opera.

Strelizia True Apus.

It just felt like they got informed there wasn't gong to be a season 2 halfway through and they panicked trying to smash everything in before they got taken off the air.

But the biggest sin is still just utterly gutting Zero Two's personality for generic female love interest for the second half of the show.

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> One, 02 needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever 02's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's 02"?

I have no idea. I liked it too desu.

I liked it until the Virm were introduced and the whole plot up until then was thrown out of the window.

It went from generic to a steaming hot pile of feces real fast.

>so Kyoanus fags got sour at it and made things up to bring it down
>being a studiofaggot
Why are you trying to force this?

>It was better than VEG
It wasn't though both were at the very least good.

> despite all the hype VEG had to do through marketing
There was little to no marketing hype, only a few trailers posted on Kyoto Animations youtube channel. Shit like sora yori had lots of marketing done by Kusokawa and CR. It was hyped up by the fans though and did turn out to be disappointing. That being said nothing could've lived up to the hype and it was still a great show regardless.

No one said anything about Sora Yori. All of Yas Forums gets that this is a sore spot for you, but we really don't care that you're butthurt over another show that has nothing to do with your VEG trash.

get help user

Zero two was having her period the first 10 episodes.. come on.

He's lost user, there is no help for him.

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The fucking NTR drama took up so much screentime that they couldve invested into 02 and Hiro. Wasted potential

>mashiro shiina
>Yas Forums enjoys
Everyone likes Aoyama

I wasn't even talking about the dumb show. Get the joke next time, retard.

I'm not whoever you seem to think i am schizo. Also if you weren't retarded you would know that the relevance was to give an example of something with lots of marketing.


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Almost every single plotline they had set up in the first half of the show goes absolutely nowhere.
Aliens out of fucking nowhere leading to a giant space battle composed almost entirely of still frames.
Unsatisfying conclusion for the two main characters
Milkman and Kokoro arc was completely and utterly pointless and irrelevant

Sure, buddy very convincing stuff. Even at your best you can't convince people for shit.

Believe whatever you want then schizo. I've said whatever i've said at face value.

it's popular

Sure you have. Like I said, very convincing stuff.

>REEEE stop enjoying things

Actually there was already foreshadowing that ZeroTwo always had a feminine playful side to her through the use of symbolism

>VEG Trash
>Supporting a timeflop whilst VEG survived to this day
Stop fucking defending your product you fucking Franxxfag. How low are your standards?

Why were the antagonists revealed to be aliens with no foreshadowing?

You sound angry. Why don't you tell us what's really bothering you?