The princess asks you to teach her martial arts. Do you oblige?

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I teach her to appreciate ryona.

>Get told to fuck off after helping some poor beastkin
>Show a dark expression
>Turn around and smile
What the fuck is she a psycho? This face was so off putting. At least the karate baka is still being cute.

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She's the princess, she has to carry that weight.

She could have at least smiled a little bitterly.

She has a mind of steel.

Yes. I will give her hands on practicums on how to fend off a rapist until she learns.

Imagine practicing holds with him, with him just pinning you down all day.

you wouldn't grind a princess would you?


Is that her ulterior motive...?

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The fights in this are such cringewank it ruins the elf knockers

I've done mixed gender BJJ before, I wouldn't dare pop a boner in her presence.

Everyone in this manga is a massive Chad, holy shit.

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I like shorts!

They're comfy and easy to wear!

Are you stupid?
She ate it up in order to have an outward appearence that it didn't bother her. It was the literal point of it so why should she show a bitter smile?

Because that's what a normal person would do especially when they have to eat it in front their friends. I would have made sense if that scene happened with those two alone but not with her companions behind her.

You might be autistic.

Why do Asians write so much isekai but Western fantasy tends to avoid the whole genre? Like, even actual isekai like Keys to the Kingdom or The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe make it a huge point that the protagonists will go back home at the end of the book/series no matter what rather than living in the otherworld and that their entire motivation is just to get back to normal, hum-drum, everyday life.

You are literally to dumb to read.
None of what you write make sense if you actually read.

Nigga, she is the princess. She has to maintain this.
Especially when outside in public.

OK guys, the villainess's downfall event has occurred and she's lost all prestige and societal status. You hear rumors of her parents marrying her off to some fat and ugly lower noble out in the boonies who is notorious for being a wife beater. How will you go about convincing her father otherwise and have her married off to you. Or failing that, raiding the transport she's being transported in to pick her up and get her to safety?
Pic not exactly unrelated.

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I punch her in the stomach to show I could be her wifebeating husband too.

"ayy nigga, gibsmedat ho and ya finna don't have ta pay dowry"

Threaten her parents with invasion or just steal her away and not even deal with them.

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>not reading russian isekai
well I don't

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tell me about the angie, why is she sad?

It's called a trend
Japs are on the trend for isekai
America is on guns and zombies

She's a cutie who ended up betrothed to a retard with shit taste.

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>Pretend to be a bandit
>Rape her in front of the gaurds
>Run off
>Family thinks she's damaged goods and worthless as a political tool
>Buy her for pennies on the dollar in an offer to her father

you chaps reading this return isekai

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>What is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?
>Who is Marche?

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Insanity kino.

Won't she know who you are when you D her again? Besides, why even go and do that if she's already fallen?

tfw no more porn by sameda

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What a chad

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>to a retard with shit taste.
Which one? Leon is kind of a horse's ass himself and cheats at a faster rate than Julius does with more women. Also Marie is a pretty good pick too.

Angie has to share the position of wife with her fucking pet.

Cute and funny cultivator updated but nothing happened.

W-what? Is a new chapter out?

Read it now or else

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that explains the delicious girls

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I wish he could make porn with those characters too. Similar looking ones wouldn't be good enough.

About fucking time.
They should release it monthly instead of of posting two or three chapters with several month inbetween. I have poor impulse control and can't wait otherwise.

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Do i have some cheat ability or enought money to buy her ?

This information is necesary to answer

on sucks

It's less waiting and more translating the series via volumes I think

Angen-chan > slutty megane > tsundere miko > isekai princess

Hard to carry that weight of you're not doing anything about it.