I got tired of watching shows with high school girls doing cute stuff so from now on I'm just gonna watch shows...

I got tired of watching shows with high school girls doing cute stuff so from now on I'm just gonna watch shows featuring adults with no ecchi. Anyone has ever done that?

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it would be nice if japan could produce more like this instead of 9000 different isekai rehashes.

Because appealing to horny teens and hikkimori coomers makes them more money.

There's one airing this season

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Yes, except I watch blackedpilled anime now

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I'd rather have that then appealing to edgefag boomers.

What's the most edgy anime outside of Elfen Lied? Need some EDGE to clear my palette of all the moeshit I've been watching. Preferably including women being beaten, raped and killed on a regular basis.

Dies Irae

Ninja Scroll

Happy sugar life


user, i have a recommendation for you.

>it's a new masterpiece and Yas Forums has been trying to forget it exists

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>from now on I'm just gonna watch shows featuring adults with no ecchi.
Ironic. Monster is the very definition of what happens when you concentrate so much on making an "adult show with no ecchi" that you forget that it still needs to have a compelling story and believable characters nonetheless.

Boku no Pico

>he doesn't know anime is a completely separate medium of media that has its own genres
the fact that you're gravitating more to those genre says a lot about you user. Don't deny it, accept who you are and watch K-on again

Monster is a terrible show though. 10 to 12 episodes in you already know what's what, the mc is doing absolutely retarded shit all the time but then it goes on for another 60 episodes.

Yeah, Otaku shit gets old after a couple years of it.

It's over, the main character already died. The rest of the story is just the author wanking to his anti-men/pro-feminism ideals.

>Otaku shit
"Otaku shit" is not a genre.

But, user, the journey! That's 60 episodes of MC learning absolutely nothing, changing in no way and not growing at all.

To be fair, that all could be a very elaborate narrative point about the static nature of the world and human existence, and the inevitability of fate and natural determinism. Or, more likely, it's just shit writing.

"Why yes, Nobuyuki Fukumoto is my favourite mangaka, how could you tell?"

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>Vinland Saga
Stop being an ignorant animeonly. Plus people generally agree that Vinland Saga started good but has been going downhill for a while now.

Its called becoming a MANime connoisseur. Moeshit sucks and is for girls

That means you are normal functioning adult.

goodjob spic manchild

Mahou Shoujo Site is fun.

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no not really
I never get tired of cute girls

these threads are exclusive for animeonlys though

yesterday wo utatte

Whats with the sudden surge in popularity of seinenshit? Seinenshit and shonenshit are the same thing
>b-but it has violence and sex scenes! That makes it more mature!

The best shounen are better than the best seinen.