What phenotype is this?

What phenotype is this?

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By the way Jin is a chinese name. So was he a chink?

The cool asian.
The better question is why the fuck is everybody else pale as death. The Asians aren't really.

Rapper (white)

Japan is part of China so yes


Pure teutonic prussian stock.

He's from the Ryukyu Islands, so Okinawan or one of the other islands there.

Basically what a black person would be, if they were native to Japan.

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you find out 10 minutes into the first episode ya dingus

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GOAT phenotype desu

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He is literally Ryukyuan, it's in the first episode, have you actually watched Samurai Champloo?
Jin is also a Japanese name.

>Jin is also a Japanese name.
In japan he would've been called hito.


What is the best episode and why is it episode 11?

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Why do people revere Cowboy Bebop when Samurai Champloo does everything 10 times better? Not even memeing, I want to know.

>it's a "Fu becomes a prostitute" episode

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For me at least, Champloo has a more consistent quality but doesn't hit those high notes that Bebop gets every once in a while, making it less memorable.

Based forever & always

I don't get it either, I noticed people really like Spike's past relationship and betrayal, like this cliche shit adds any substance.

bebop has way better highs, a consistently unique and immersive atmosphere, and a better cast of characters.
it's hard to compare them though just because they both have a Spike.

Bebop came first. Bebop came at a time where there wasn't nearly as much great anime for adults. Simple as that.

Muguen, Jin and Fuu > Spike, Jet and that whore


This. I love sci fi and Bepop but samurai champloo is the kino's kino

Isn’t this the simp episode

I prefer Champloo for sure, but I always end up coming back to both & enjoying them for what they are. They’re good.

How do you explain 'kyojin' then

ainu, or maybe… greek? lol

Thanks for reminding me to finally finish this show.