Maaya Uchida is 30

Maaya Uchida is 30.

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>birthday is in december

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>voice actors aren't Yas Forums
this meme is always retarded

Akirabanger is the best thing she was in.

Fuck off you with your 3dpd shit

She's so cute tho


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Their work is Yas Forums, their private lives are not.

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I used to scream 3DPD all the time on Yas Forums and /jp/ when I was 18 and didn't have sex. This was 10 years ago. Glad I grew out of that phase.

Me on the left.

I found the unedited photo

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user here is 31

Fucking kek

>not married yet
>used goods (see:)
Oh nono...


Yas Forums posters who constantly deflect relevant conversation material to other boards, like you, deserve to have their cock and balls surgically removed.

i'm 30 and 3D is still PD
i've even dated real jap girls

>visible hair

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No that's DQ producer, she likely sleep with him for that loli DQ 11 role

>I fucked the principle and the discipline head

Is she supposed to be hot or something? Asian women have such flat faces, kek.



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I only had sex with Korean girls...

This isn't her right?

She and Sugita can go eat a dick.

Impossible, it's with a woman

>Yas Forums gets rid of seiyuu threads
>haven't made it out the babbies ever since
really makes you think

>>Yas Forums gets rid of seiyuu threads
>it gets so cancerous on /jp/ they had to split it into 4 different generals
I rather have monthly seiyuu threads here than deal with their shit.

The LL one was there long before Yas Forums threads were pushed to /jp/ and imas was made because seiyuu posts were getting deleted in /vg/.

Would still fuck.

Did you come from another timeline?

>>it gets so cancerous on /jp/ they had to split it into 4 different generals
wait what

It's some newfag showing his new.

Seiyuu Thread for Love Live, Seiyuu Thread for seiyuu who are affiliated with Bushiroad, Seiyuu Thread for @mas and Regular Seiyuu Thread for everyone.