When does she get her own anime?

When does she get her own anime?

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When she has actual progression in her manga

Umm it has progression

it has pseudo progression, where something like progression in a chapter happens and then immediately is thrown away the next chapter, like the characters or author forgot about it. It's not the only manga that does it, a lot in do it as well

niggertoros approach to pansei has changed a lot

and itll be 150 chapters until they go out, or actually even do anything like kiss, so who gives a shit

Senpai literally chadded up this new chapter and called out to Nagatoro's friends, and also went to her house on his own volition

huh? at this rate it will be axed there's no point in the manga going on with this kind of relationship

>Senpai literally chadded up this new chapter and called out to Nagatoro's friends
>went to her house on his own volition
Well, not really. I think he would've have gone if Gamo hadn't given him an excuse with the printouts. On the other hand, the old Senpai might not have gone even with the printouts,

He was also about to ask about Nagatoro secrets

MC is a faggot. Fuck this series.

More importantly, if it did get an anime, how far would it go? I think if they pushed the pacing and cut some of the early chapters where nothing happens, they could finish up the school festival arc in 13 episodes. That's probably a pipe dream, though.

Nagatoro already has a voice actor

So how does this romcom compare to the king of romcoms: Kaguya?

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hopefully fucking never its fucking garbage and only waifufags who wish they were that senpai like it

Why did you post my wife in an unrelated thread

only the first two chapters she bullies him to the point of crying
why she do that
turns out she's a sweetiepie
whats goin on here

Definitely speedreaders are retarded
At least Nagatoro doesn't have canonical NTR bullshit

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desu I can't imagine being someone that beta. I'm no chad, tyrone, wang, abdullah,pablo,vlad, or Charles but i'm certainly not as bitch made as this MC.

can someone please sauce the ones that arent jahy nagaoro or komi?

top left: maid is suspicious or something
next one: Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
far top right: dosanko gyaru is mega cute
bottom left: sono bisque doll
next: Hitomi-chan wa Hitomishiri
next: anjou san
next: pseudo harem

Hopefully never.

did the jannies nuke the last nagatoro thread?

Blesseth be thou chad

why is that in tacobender

Yeah, the pseudo newfag and the Yas Forums pister were posting at the same time but... Why? There wasn't that much of spam anyway, unlike DBSpic threads where the spam Is the rule

because its Nalgatoro.

they are both cowards
she is just making it with aggresion hoping that he will get ruled up and take control over the situation accepting responsibility for whatever is happening

this is how emotionally immature people who are scared of their own feelings behave - if u want to see example look at how gradeschoolers act

Nagatoro? More like Netoraretoro.

good goy $5 has been deposited into your account.

What was the food that Big Sistoro gave Senpai? Because it really looks like a plateful of condoms.