Is this show actually good or just a meme? Is eromanga any good?

Is this show actually good or just a meme? Is eromanga any good?

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It's pretty bad but it was entertaining when it aired. Eromanga is a bit worse

It's mostly bad, but Eromanga is all bad.

It's bad. People just meme it back into memory because incest win.
If you remove kirino's sister aspect, people would be angrier that she won because she isn't likeable.

It's literally the best anime of all time, despite being a poor adaptation of its LN source material.

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It's a meme. Eromanga is better

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Oreimo has good music(based ClariS on the opening) and some good hand drawn animation. The only downside to the visuals are the 3dpdcg buildings and vehicles. The story is also good. With eromanga it's just meme shit, not very good at all.


Kill yourself, oreitard.

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I enjoyed it, it's as good as it gets for sibling romance.

Oreimo is great
Only newfags and people still seething about Kirino winning disagree

It's the greatest love story of all time

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No, I don't seethe about Kirino winning. I'm angry that we don't get a sex scene.

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Ironically, I think this show's OP is the only time I've ever been able to stomach ClariS. Maybe because it was written to sound like a generic visual novel opening.

It's good by virtue of having a straight sibling romance ending, which is inconceivably rare in this medium. I don't think it could ever be done again though, with how thoroughly entrenched normalshits are in every aspect of the medium, but that just makes it even more unique.

A valid criticism user, I do concededly agree

>redditors will actually travel through time to ruin something

Eromanga had a ClariS OP too, and it was even better.

The less Kirino was on screen the better the show was. Literally as easy as that.

I liked the show but Kirino really is the bitchiest of bitches. Eromanga sensei is better, but it only has one season so far (season 2 when?)

I honestly hated the show but Kirino is the only reason I even finished it

Both are good desu.

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its cringe, but that kind of degenerate kino cringe that keeps you watching

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Just go to nhentai and look up takuji porn

Worst than reddit.

The people who talk about these two shows together tend to be gigafags who shittalk Eromanga. Both are good shows, if you're into imoutos and lolis especially. Oreimo does more romance development, and Eromanga is more about fanservice fun and relative fluff.
Both of these are virtues, and I almost wish Kuroneko wasn't in the story because of how great she is. I had more fun watching Eromanga.

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I'm rewatching it right now. The production quality is better than I remember and Kirino is charismatic enough to carry the whole show

I miss the old catalogue sometimes.

Oreimo is good.
Eromanga sensei is watchable.

Watch Oreimo. It's something I would put on a mandatory viewing list for people new to anime.

Eromanga is pretty fun.

I liked Eromanga a lot more, honestly. Eromanga was just fun fanservice, OreImo tried to be like some Genshiken otaku-commentary thing but also love triangles and I didn't really think it was good at either of those things.