He saw her naked. Now she will slap him

He saw her naked. Now she will slap him.
Oh, he dumped all her undies, that makes it even worse. He's totally going to get slapped.
What? She didn't slap him. She bent over and probably showed him full pussy and asshole. He's really got it coming now.
They're acting like nothing ever happened. What's going on?
They're just riding the escalator making small talk, Oh my god.
He dissed his own dirtbag father.

Oh my god, delayed anime cliche gratification! Brilliant!

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Do you think he fapped to the memory of this scene?

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What else do you think he was doing every time he woke up in the hospital.

you forgot the part where you realise rei isn't a normal girl at all

Don't you get it? SHE'S NOT SOCIALIZED, She doesn't the sensibilities you'd consider normal.
>saw naked
So? The doctor saw her naked too, actually what about that and why did you eveen suggest violence?
Well that's unfortunate, partly her fault for loosing cool and getting jumpy.
>They're acting like nothing ever happened.
He's too beta to open his mouth and bring that up to apologize, she probably doesn't care.
>He dissed his own dirtbag father.
He is her father too, and unlike that whiny selfish faggot Shinji she knows he's working his hands off.
>Ablooo bloo daddy won't kiss me

No i think he was traumatized and cried himself to sleep.

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lilith is always naked

she wears clothes because gendo tells her to.

>He probably would if he wasn't busy saving the world
Gendo's an emotionally stunted manchild there's no way in hell he'd be able to act normally around Shinji.

Well Gendo is too beta to let Rei know how he feels too.

But I suppose OP just started watching and isn't supposed to know that.

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>No i think he was traumatized and cried himself to sleep.
Why would he traumatized from seing Rei's cute pink cunny and butthole? Not to mention having groped her firm nubile tiddies?

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The point of the toast running genki Rei is to show she was meant to be normal, but she didn't have a normal upbringing or normal life.
Probably got used to be naked in the lab, the LCL thing and running regular tests and experiments.

That and she's generally not integrated into a society and didn't internalize the idea that there's anything to hide about herself. Why would she? She doesn't have a secret written on her ass, never seen a person before? Your lucky day then.

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He just embarrassed himself in front of a girl and she probably thinks bad of him now.

Or at least that's what he would think, he doesn't know that she hates life and doesn't give a fuck at all.

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Rei did feel a bit queasy about it though.

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Of fucking course

Manga and anime are very different when it comes to characters.

I used to really like how manga expanded the characters before, now I'm not so sure, it's trying to force even more melodrama where there's already a plenty.

But hey the tea scene was fantastic and I do think that Rei when warmed up up to life and people by Shinji's kindness would do that.

That's the right fan service, not the dumb poka stuff.

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I liked the tea scene as well, but I think a lot of the manga character moments were really misguided. Like Kaji's weird aquarium speech where he blames Shinji for what happened to Toji or how Asuka, Shinji, Gendo, and Ritsuko were handled in general.

How do Rei’s cunny smells like?

like Tang

Like the stuff they disinfect the hospital floor with, and profound sadness.

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People who say cunny deserved to get gassed

This. Rei should always be kinda out of focus and serve as a foil to Asuka and Shinji. Giving her any focus just ruins her as a character. She should be inhuman and mysterious, not relatable.

i want to fall ontop of a naked kaworu!

nothing. she doesnt have periods or grow hair or sweat.

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Shinji is too beta to grab Kaworu's ass.

sadamoto's idea of what the characters should be is always kinda questionable, for every scene that works there's some weird hamfisted backstory or scene

kaworu would just move shinji's hand to his ass anyway.

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>She should be inhuman and mysterious, not relatable.

I must strongly disagree. Rei is very human and we even get the toast running episode to rub that in. She's just trying not to get attached to this life and the people because Gendo told her about EOE. She's afraid she'd miss the people when they're gone.

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True Kaworu was handled so fucking poorly in the manga because sadamoto exaggerates all his traits

haha kitten go crunch :)

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Manga had good points before that but thee moment he appears on the page it all goes fucked to shit. Everything about Kaworu and everything else is fucking atrocious after that point.


I'd say the moment Shinji punches Gendo is the moment it went to absolute shit.

That scene was the least bad by a lot, I even forgot it happened. It almost made a smidgen of sense assuming they are idiots.

Actually Rei could be pressured into taking the cat in and would benefit from that a lot.

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probably because sadamoto is super gay for kaworu, even gushing about how he based their relationship on his own middle school crush on a transfer student he thought was cool

Nah, Kaworu killing the kitten is the best example of Sadamoto's poor writing. He takes a nuanced character trait (Kaworu's acceptance of the inevitable) and takes it to the extreme. He does the same with Ritsuko and Gendo.

Zero ass.