I'm just going to post Culumon playing soccer

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So how is the new anime?
I hear its a reboot but tells the story of Our War Game in the first 3 episodes
Sounds stupid

It's been good so far. Shame it got corona'd.

I sometimes imagine how my life would be different if I had grown up watching Digimon instead of Pokemon.

It lost all stakes when Omnimon is already on the table right from episode 2.
If they wanted to retell a movie, should've picked Digimon Movie (1999)

The animation was good, the 3rd episode finishes with the 6 older Digidestined finally arriving to the Digital World.

I dunno, both teach good life values. Digimon is more serious by nature though.

He can't now that everyone is quarantined.

Well, that's his dream anyway, so it's not like it changes how much he actually plays football.

Can someone tell me which adaptations use Ultimate as 5th level and Ultimate as 6th level?
I can't find the source of the mix-up.

At first i thought the same, but then i realized they need Hikari and Takeru to do the fusion. And they are leaving them on the Real World for now.

The confusion is the translation. The levels Baby I - Baby II - Child - Adult - Perfect - Ultimate (- Super Ultimate)
were dubbed in English as Fresh - In Training - Rookie - Champion - Ultimate - Mega (- Ultra)

So any source that uses the Saban English dub translation as the basis of its terminology (which is pretty much everything) will use the term Ultimate for the Perfect stage.

So only Saban used Ultimate for 5th right?
Also, I don't think the nip used english words, they have their own terms, which are in moon.

What adaptations use the 7th stage? I remember Savers with the Brust Mode

Nips use a lot of english words in anime

>What is borrowed word
Did they actually say Ultimate, and I mean ウルチメト?
When they said that they needed to evolve with the crest.

Saban invented those terms for the stages. Any adaptation that bases their translation or their terminology on theirs uses those names.

Yes, you're correct. Japs have their own words, the actual translations of which are the first set. Saban then came up with their own terminology for their stages, up until 完全体 (kanzentai) which means perfect. They translated this as ultimate. Then out of nowhere we got a new stage, 究極体 (kyuukyokutai), which means ultimate. And hence, we forever had to deal with this bullshit.

The 7th Stage (Super Ultimate/Ultra) is mostly informal. For example, Savers doesn't formally have a 7th stage. The most common adaptations that have the 7th stage are games, for example Cyber Sleuth.

Well, I fucking hope crunchyroll clears this shit up forever after in anime.
At least when WarGreymon is on screen, they call it a Mega Level Digimon.

Can Ruki be considered a tsundere?

i only watched wthe first episode and it looked like just our war game wanking, does it get better or not ?

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>Miyako last
every time

Not really.

she's agressive to strangers but can be rather caring for the people she cares about, and would fight what's bothering her rather than compromise.

She would be textbook if she weren't so refined.

I don't know, you tell me.

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>he doesnt like our war games

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They need to make a loli version cameo of hers in the reboot to boost her popularity and tease a sequel if its ever going to happen.

But digifags only cared about shotas.

Literally soul vs soulless.

True, I've been enjoying all the hand-holding, and minimal girl screentime in colon.

It was stupid. You shouldn't show off the ultimate power in the second damn episode. It makes everything coming after it look like a non-threat. Vamdemon was terrifying because the heroes could hardly scratch him, but after huge efforts they defeated him. When he came back as a higher level it was even worse because up until that point we didn't know there was a higher level, so War Greymon and Metal Garurumon came off as amazingly powerful because of that. But now? We know what every enemy that will appear is weaker then Omegamon, so what's the point? Just a bad decision.