Manga Paneling

what are some examples of good paneling

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You need to post the whole thing for the full effect.

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>pic unrelated

pic not related

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i can already see people posting Jujutsu and ChainsawMan pages


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You first

that is pretty cool

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Low iq user here, what do these arrows mean?

This looks like a fucking mess when you put all the pages in weird orientations like that.

Hey guys I used to read some mangas online, but I don't remember the name of the site I used to read them for free.

What is a good free manga site?

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Composition lines. They highlight the way the arrangement of elements (ie composition) subconsciously guides your eye through the page. It's a powerful tool in comics and manga since it allows you to understand what's going by watching the panels in the correct order

Although I should add that besides this very basic task, if used fully they can also stress certain elements of the page, have you watch the different elements at a certain pace or giving subtle emotional cues. Composition basically allows you to give a lot of subtext to a page, so that you're saying a lot without the need to put any extra drawing.

You should avoid aggregator sites that aren't mangadex since they rip off scanalators' work. Usually you discover which team's scanalating which manga through some aggregator and then keep reading on the team's own website

Terrible bait.
It would have been better if not for "mangas". That is what gave it away.

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Why can't Yas Forums admit that HxH has good paneling but beats off basic shit like this?

You are just not smart enough to understand what great panelling looks like.

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All you had to do to make this a good thread was not use a HxH page for the OP

Contrarians shit on hxh it's nothing new.

the paneling and events are pretty great, but holy shit is the are unbearable


Is this finished or almost finished? I don't like reading incomplete manga anymore.