How come Tenchi was so good?

How come Tenchi was so good?

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Because of her

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You sure?

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>0va 5 is so bad the nips aren't even uploading rips of it

Cause non of the original harem was in it except for silent cameos. Ai was received better then OVA5.

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thats because the sasami design was fucking AMAZING

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Honestly it's kind of not. I mean when it is it really is, but that wholly depends on what version you're watching/reading. The first OVA was great. The second was a bit dry and really started the trend of the characters not doing much. Everything after that OVA wise was pure garbage where the writer did fuck off but introduce more and more family members nobody cares about.

Universe was cool. A bit fillery at times but that "filler" was also amusing in it's own rights. Had entertaining stuff actually happen even if it didn't matter to much to the longer plot. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love seeing the characters try to run a festival, run a speakeasy or enter a space bikini costume. It kept the focus on the characters.

The manga was the best though. Still had the slice of life but from the perspective of aliens thing going on but also continued the first OVAs plots in a way that was more engaging. You had space adventures where they explore things like the laser swords origins, battle new enemies and it was just damn good.

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Girls are not recycled archetypes.
Tenchi might be undecisive but he fights like a man.
It's a battle harem.


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>ywn never push her over and drop a hot liquid shit all over her face that will take weeks to get out of her fur

why even live bro?

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Humanized Ryoohki was just weird

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Never watched it and probably never will.
The mc design is absolutely unappealing for my taste.

Kiyone was drawn by Yotsuba's maker once.

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Nobody cares fag

Kiyone is life

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Most of Yas Forums was born after 2000, so no one remembers Tenchi.

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2000s did an awful damage to the tenchi muyo franchise.

The mc is a bit bland half of the time, but compared to your average modern isekai and harem mc, he is way more appealing. He actually gives good fight and never cries unless its necesary. Anyway, tenchi muyo is something that works better in terms of harem dynamics, the girls interactions being the main focus


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The century is 1/5 over and here I am probably going to die soon.

Tenchi is just very salt of the earth. He appreciates quite, family and wan no trouble.

He just wanted to go to school, then some fucking ancient demon space pirate with rocking tits came into his life

>rocking tits

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>This isn't how is looks like.
LOL Yeah, okay.

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No one draws Nagi and Ryoko angerly making out and it makes me sad.

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wtf is this boomer shit?

New fag

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How would you arrange it, and what would be the situation?