Goblin Slayer

This is only acceptable end for the winning girl debate, accept it.

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me on the left (Guild Girl)

GG lewd stare always makes my day.

How would Arc Mage react?

Can you stop shoving her fucking everywhere?

>implying priestess hasn't won

She is GS and CG daughteru.

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Is this axed priestess?

Nope, the author just bored at how much win "Priestess" can get.

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Delete these impostors.

>Goblin Slayer rewrite
>Goblin Slayer and Priestess are the only main characters
>Cowgirl is the only side character who's romantically interested in Goblin Slayer
>all the time spent on harem shenanigans is instead spent on Goblin Slaying

What do you think?


But fans universally agree that all the harem chapters are shit while the goblin slaying is what we're all waiting for each month.

Wrong, that is just a minority from Yas Forums. Yes, Yas Forums in general is a "minority" when it comes to public opinion over something.

Goblin bump.

Gonna typeset some filth doujinshis, any other gobo highschool that I missed?

>Goblin Slayer

Loads...but sadly I don't have the means to fond them and the translations right now.

Ok then I found some let me know

In another note, in the ln after the wedding, something else fun happen or it's just harem bs from now on?

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GS fights alone, CG is useless, retarded Yetis and "No GS makes Priestess go crazy".

Snow arc again?


Harem bs only ever happened during the festival arc, what do you people pretend that is like that all the time?

>No Char ending

It's not all the time but at least 1/4 every time

True Good End


Little healer girl is the only one who knows his backstory and resurrected him with sex how is this even a question

>Little healer girl is the only one who knows his backstory
That's CG. Priestess thinks his sister is alive, she said to GS that he should take sister to the capital one day.

I think the harem chapters have been quite restrained. How much time has really been spent on harem stuff anyway? A small part of the sewer arc and the festival arc, and that's pretty much it, no?

Retards think that every time they are not killing goblins is harem bs.

Why would Guild Girl care at all about her skills? She's a non-combatant