What in your opinion makes a romance good?

What in your opinion makes a romance good?
Let's skip the obvious ones like no harem.

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Good character development and a natural relationship

Likeable characters. It's hard to enjoy a romance anime if you can't stand one or both of the characters or you just hope they don't get together because one of them is a douchebag.
Also really dislike it when the reason the girl starts to fall in love with him was because he sexually assaulted her. That means I already don't want them to get together, and the male is a douchebag and the girl is a total idiot.

No Tsundere for one.
Yes I know what I said.


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hijo de puta

When they're both girls with good feet

I'm a simple person. No harem and no 'dense' characters are enough for me.

Pani poni dash
There's also a reverse image search

WA2 is still the best romance series for me.

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Actual progress in the relationship.
Apparently even that is too much to ask.

No harem,a harem completely ruins a romance story.I remebered a guy once told me that for examole ghostits was supposed to be a romance story but it become a haremshit with infinite status quo

Characters who aren't afraid of touching

Characters who are forced to live with or accept the annoying and unsavory parts of their partner’s personality.

Also, part of this is learning to see the bad parts of their partner as the relationship progresses.

It being Monogatari

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Yea this

>What in your opinion makes a romance good?

the mc must never go through with any thing

how much I envy the MC

Just read VN instead of garbage manga and anime.
>finished stories
>proper writhing
>proper plot
>non TV friendly jokes and dialogues
>proper fancervice

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I remember when Bastard was still being updated
Sweet Home is pretty fucking based too
This author has really fun works

The answer is comedy. Pure romances suck becuase it’s boring to watch 2 people fall in love normally and act coupley. The comedy in the gap makes it good.

I would rather have a ppd thread

that's why pic related was a good show, there was plenty of levity to help what would've otherwise worn out its welcome too quickly

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Just progress every chapter/episode or new information about the couple.

Both characters are sympathetic and likable people in general, and have a good chemistry together. It's more rare that one would think.

Characters that actually play off each other and naturally build their relationship over the series.

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true love doesn't require reciprocation, but in this day and age I'm pretty sure almost everyone on the internet would cry out all the meme words like "simp" or whatever the fuck they call it.

The "When I love someone I expect them to love me back" mentality is the driving force that determines how good someone thinks a romance plot is. All romance plots are literally just wish-fulfillment shit by proxy. No one wants to devote their love to someone who doesn't love them back.