Do you like catgirls?

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Actually no

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Catgirls, wolfgirls, foxgirls. I like em all.

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I like catgirls but I had to drop it because I got so fucking sick of all the screentime the little green one got. I'd rather just look at porn of all the other girls and jerk my little gerkin.

this guy gets it

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>Bottom left

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>all the screentime the little green one got
I guess it's time for me to watch it

>Do you like catgirls?
Yes but not from this chink trash


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post webms

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This show was surprisingly nice. I didn't expect much when I saw that this got a TV show, but it was solid for a cute girls show. It lacked direction, but I prefer this over SoL shows that feel the need to add drama/plot in the last episodes.

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For me it's Cinnamon, the lewd and fun cat.

Yes I do, I love how much Coconut and Azuki fight it's great. And I love how much Cinnamon is a sexual deviant.

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The kitty was cute. Cute!

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I miss this show.

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Me too.

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I hope the next game has a threesome scene with Shigure and Cacao.

I prefer canine girls.

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That's superb skill right there. Just the right amount of tit jiggle to get the egg on that spoon 10/10 performance.

Only after Cacao grows up and her tits explode out of her clothes, of course.

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i LOVE them
i want to SNUGGLE them
i want to KISS them
i want to FEED them
i want to PLAY with them
i want to FUCK them
i want to FUCK and NAKADASHI them until my dick is in a painful semi-permanent state of erection, and then FUCK them some more


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With the fishing anime gone, there is no show anymore that distracts me from the horror of existence.

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not you, you're a child go away
Coconuts is my cum receptacle

I like cat
I like girls
So no.

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i don't think i could get bored of fucking Coco

Gyaru cat girl, fuck yeah

Only alien ones.

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>4 ears

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I prefer foxgirls. more fluff.

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One set for scratching and petting
One set for biting softly, and whispering sweet words into.

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not really, their tails just aren't very fluffy...

you can do all that with the cat ears

superb taste, mein neger

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