Kimetsu is over party

What does this mean for our favorite green boy?

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was this axed?

Hopefully that he can settle down for a quiet life with Kanao.



Deku and Kanao? Unorthodox pairing but i can see it

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Thank god this generic piece of shit is dead.

>AXE no Yaiba

Based. It’s going to be completely forgotten once the anime ends

>It will be completely forgotten in 5 years
Good so mha will be forgotten before that

it will be fma status, aka overrated shit that people will prattle on about 10 years after it ended as if it was really that good

>written by a talented mangaka
>earned its popularity
>going to go on for a long time
>wide cast of lovable characters and sells toys

>written by a hack
>only popular because of ufotable
>no one likes it outside of japan and fujos
>axed after a few years

Are knyfags really this delusional?


>Kimetsu no Axedba

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I look forward to seeing the console war tier sales threads finally dying. KnY fanboys are annoying as hell, made this board feel like Yas Forums every month.

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So it has one volume left?

More like one chapter left

Nothing really. Deku will continue to thrive like he did before demon slappers

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Lmao your shitty hero series is selling less than Haikyuu

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Nothing, sales will continue to decline as they are.

This pretty much. It attracted a lot of newfags too.
Give it a few months after the final volume release and I hope oricon threads can go back to normal



At least it wasn’t axed

Deku will stay a cuck and get btfo by his rival before ultimately giving him his dream in a really unsatisfying finale.
after all the readers except shippers have left.

At least put some effort on that bait.

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Neither was Kimetsu. There’s a difference between a manga getting axed cause no ones buying it and the author choosing a logical place to end the story.

>>user is so buttblasted that he doesn't know what axed is anymore


You do realize the anime won't end for years right?


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La ensalada.

No spoilers until next week?