Do you remember him?

Do you remember him?

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A literal Chad.

Biggest Chad I ever knew

The floor remembers him

>Can probably get all the pussy he’d ever want
He got the best end.

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What was his name again?

I had such high hopes for him. His story went absolutely no where.

>El Directo
What did Chad mean by this?

How is that healthy? He is a superhuman beating up on regular people. I thought he was against bullying. Why not join some other sport he could get away not giving the opponent CTE?

Haha, head go pop!

He's like the poster child for Bleach's endemic issue of having really cool side characters with a lot of potential that end up never getting properly explored or developed because the cast ballooned out of proportion almost immediately.

The same could be said for 90% of Bleach characters. The series had this odd thing of trying to thrust minor characters into the forefront way too often (usually with some multi-chapter spanning flashback), almost like it couldn't decide if they're supposed to be important or not. Then suddenly the story moves on and they're forgotten completely.

He was superhuman before he got his powers

I know. He had a steel girder fall on him. I meant that more than his devil arms. Why is he beating up on humans? Literally anything other than boxing would be better. If he did MMA for example he could just wrestle with people and make them submit. In boxing he is breaking them up and giving them CTE.

Yamcha did baseball for example to the same effect. Sado doing this is almost out of character unless he decided to never job again.


What's more he's Mexican, and everyone knows how deadly Mexican Jabs are

maybe box is full of people like Chad in Bleachverse

That would be a cool side manga. Like ippo except instead of aesthetic effects it's real.

God what a faggot you are

oh yes, miguel from tekken 7

yo joke but Chad would legit do wonders in Tekken

Literally Chad

I am the biggest /fightfan/ on Yas Forums. I am stating that this seems out of his character as the gentle giant. there wasn't any exposition on this change either. How did he go from the guy who would protect his friends to the beating up people who have no chance for money?

There is no way you would think the guy who was letting beams fall on him to protect a canary would be in there killing people.

Ok faggot

I don't know but he looks like a total Chad.

ah yes, Sado the fullbringerm

He doesn't have to kill anyone though. He just knocks them unconscious. It's just as fair as Mike Tyson fighting in his prime. If he does Ashido no Joe some fag he knows exactly where they're going since he's been to the afterlife.

Who could forget Jobimus Maximus?

Hell he could probably just go there and beg for forgiveness

>dat Karin
Thanks Kubo

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He is the guy who lost against the statues, right?

Yeah, i actually reading it again.

>Hey sorry I killed you bud but I am sort of a demigod.. all well right? At least heaven's cool. You get used to the dirt everywhere.

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You have now moved the goal posts into a debate about the quality of life in Soul Society.

It is weird. His whole backstory was about learning not to punch people in vain.