When is he going to stop being a little bitch?

When is he going to stop being a little bitch?

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When Kacchan finally notice him.

When MHA becomes well written


>When Kacchan fucks him in the ass


there's only a few arcs left of mha and dekus still a little bitch who cries and acts like a faggot
its a badly written animeand solely liked by fujoshis or people who've never watched anime before

>Muh seven quirks and how I became the saikyo yuusha.

When All Might dies

Never. I've come to the conclusion that we're not supposed to like him.

He should have died in Kamino

when one of three things happen
>All Might dies
>His mom dies
>Ochako dies

>there's only a few arcs left of mha
>he believed the bait article


More like
>Bakugo dies

this is probably the best catalyst for his growth storywise. Similar to Kamina.

When he gets filled with manly essence.


>Bakugo dies
that would be the best timeline

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It's inherently Dekus character to be a little bitch

I like how the story constantly criticizes him for being generic and unfunny, but he never develops past being generic and unfunny.

It's like how Bakugo never develops but the other characters say he does

chapter 1


270 chapters later and he's still a bitch

Serious question. Deku has beaten Overhaul, muscular, and Gentle but for me it feels he has never had that badass moment. Is it like that for anyone else? What is he missing?

Things that'll never happen for 500

Because Gentle wasn't really strong, against Stain he had his two classmates help him and it was Iidas moment and against Overhaul he had the loli plot device backpack. Deku vs Muscular was pretty cool actually, his only really badass moment was against Todoroki though.

It's only been like half a year since he got powers, give him some time. The pacing is a little arduous however.

It's been a year now

when is he going to use more than 20% of OFA?

Has it? I thought they were still first years

Meant for>202335959

This manga has been going far too long for him not to have had a coming of age moment. Naruto had one almost immediately against Haku which was great and once again vs Gaara. Ichigo vs Renji 1 was good and then again vs Kenpachi. Luffy vs Crocodile or Lucci. Feels far too long before he has had his moment. Shigaraki had his against Redestro before the main character did. It's sort of silly.

He's a shounen MC. Take a wild fucking guess.

Hopefully Deku gives his quirk to Mirio and dies in a blaze of glory. Not even memeing at this point. Hell, I'd rather him give his quirk to fucking Bakugou and die, and we have Bakugou as the MC rather than this shit. Deku is such a fucking cuck who was handed everything it actually pisses me off. All Might is also a complete fucking RETARD in retrospect now. His own former sidekick trained somebody to be the successor, and All Might came to town and gave it to a boy he met off the street. Is this nigga serious? This series is infuriating the more I think about it. If it wasn't for Basedevour and Hawks (plus cute girls), I'd have probably dropped this shit.


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