Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

There's only one more chapter left. How do you feel about that?

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Good.The biggest hit in jump for the last maybe 10 years and it ended naturally

One chapter left before the sequel manga begins yeah

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>got axed
sad :(

Postcards from the new Jump GIGA.


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All it says is May. That means 4 more chapters at max.

I'm gonna miss these potatoes

Sanemi's tummy.

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Quick, what will be the setup and synopsis for Kimetsu no Yaiba Z?

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The dragon ball manga wasn't separated with the Z label, that was just something the anime made up. The manga just kept going normally.

Good. It wasn't a bad ending.

Wan Piss fags are so pity, they get a collective aneurysm whenever a single twitter account with less than 2k followers belittles Oda

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If you think about it the 5 senses rangers have never been together at the same time even in official art. This of course doesn't count because it's a collage made by someone else.

It's better to end at your peak than see yourself end up like Herocaca or Black Clopper

KnY is eternally based for knowing when that the story is complete insteadof milking it. Looking forward to the potato saga Wani chooses to makes.

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Nips are going to fucking kill each other for these, poor shop owners

do you know what that word means or are you just trying to troll?

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Pretty based if I do say so myself

can't wait for the incest ending

Since the series is ending, rank the Pillars from favorite to least favorite.

1. Himejima
2. Uzui
3. Obanai
4. Giyu
5. Tokitou
6. Shinobu
7. Sanemi
8. Rengoku
9. Mitsuri

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>5 senses rangers
no such thing

1. (B)rock
2. Flame
3. Insect
4. Sound
5. Snake
6. Wind
7. Love
8. Mist

Didn't end up being too long, might binge read this at some point. Dunno if it's good or shit but props to the writer for apparently not deciding to milk it I guess.

>they still have to release three volume s
How come the magazine release for Kimetsu is so far ahead of the volumes? That's not how it is for the other WSJ series.

Only giyu survived from that row

>last panel
>we see muzanjiro eyes

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Is this cope?

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>The most standard by the books series ever
>Ends just over the 200 chapter mark
Well, at least props to the author for not milking it more.


1. Uzui
2. Himejima
3. Sanemi
4. Shinobu
5. Giyuu
6. Rengoku
7. Obanai
8. Tokitou
9. Mitsuri

what kind of third world speak is this?
sasuga axe no yaiba fans


It ended before the hype could die off, nothing great about that.

>pissfags so low IQ they can't understand a simple sentence
as expected

you mean it got axed, right?