Have you finally accepted that Ranma and Akane are perfect for each other?

Have you finally accepted that Ranma and Akane are perfect for each other?

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dont care about them

Yes I accepted that Ranma and Ukyo were perfect for each other ages ago
Shame you can't say the same, but don't worry user, I'll wait for you to catch up

Ranma can have Akane and I'll take Ukyo.

what a wuss

>tfw you'll never get to mating press Ranma-chan
Why even live?

don't do that

No, they're not. They get occasional moments of intimacy, but fundamentally, they're just a terrible match. Especially because Akane refuses to trust Ranma or get over her prudish side.

Really, Ranma could have been so much happier with any of the other love interests. Shampoo and Ukyo would have been way better girls for him.

Perfectly apart.

Ukyo > Shampoo > Akane

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>refuses to trust Ranma
Because the guy is a cunt. This is the problem with their relationship, Ranma is a LEGIT cunt to Akane and has 4-5 girls always into him and they all get him into all kinds of situations while Akane just has two beta orbiters.
Complain she's a tsundere, but Ranma was too and fucking shit to her half the time. But when they act cute together, they are great.

part of me's ashamed i never picked up ranma 1/2

It's pretty long and has a lot of garbage in it. It's not bad I wouldn't say but I'd probably say it's more historically important than it is high quality. Shampoo and Happosai are some of my least favorite characters in manga.

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That's why Ranma 1/2 is kino though. The tsundere love interest was actually justified in being a tsun.

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Bros, the anime is peak late 80s/early 90s comfyness, i love it so much.
That tasteful, classy old school color palette, that wonderful midi synth soundtrack, the fashion, i just can't take it!

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>while Akane just has two beta orbiters.
Damn, true. I read it as an early teen and never re interpreted the social constructs. Funny thinking back on it now with that new perspective.

Happosai got some good laughs out of me though. Or more accurately what they did to him.

People who think Ranma and any other girl is better than Ranma and Akane are just hardcore self inserters.

Eh, the way the anime changed Ukyo's character I can get the people who prefer that pairing (although not in the manga).

Except Akane was in many ways just as much of a cunt to Ranma as Ranma was to her.

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Soun's swim suit on point as always.

What was the context here again?


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Ranma is trying to win a martial arts carry the watermelon race in order to get the Phoenix Pill he needs to fix his mode lock, and Soun has butted in demanding that Ranma choose whether he wants Akane or Shampoo. Because of fucking course Ranma's doing this to chase after Shampoo and not to try and retrieve the trinket he needs so he can go back to being a guy, you fucking Tendo idiots. Ranma seemingly picks Akane, which causes her to freak because she's an emotionally repressed prude, but really Ranma's walking right past her to smash Soun's watermelon and take the stupid old fool out of the contest.

This is one of the sweetest moments in the manga.

Spics like OP never learn. They'll keep believing everyone wants to keep talking about this garbage.

Not to get /u/ but Ranma-chan/Akane romance is top tier. Soft, cute and innocent.