I don't get it, what makes people on Yas Forums say this is good?

I don't get it, what makes people on Yas Forums say this is good?

I've watched the first 8 episodes and it's quite frankly boring and generic, even fairy tail is better. It's filled with tropes and cringy dialogue as well.

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and this comes from someone who unironically enjoys most shounen

It's because it got popular so it must be good.

People talk about it here ironically to try to compete with the constant MHA threads

Good animation. That's literally it.

This they basically are giving themselves Stockholm syndrome out of spite

This user gets it.

Ufotable quality, that's basically it. Semi final episode also has a kino scene that caught people's attention.

most popular shows tend to be good though, like fmab, bebop gintama etc.

the first half is boring and generic indeed, but the second half is much better
hang in there, you're almost at the point where they introduce the rest of the main cast and it becomes actually good

>even fairy tail is better
Woah calm down there. Don't get too ahead of yourself. It's been some time that you might have forgotten how trash fairy tail was. KnY is objectively and subjectively better

mostly the animation also Zenitsu

>Ufotable quality,

It's Bleach but worse.

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>Bleach invent those tropes

>fairy tail
people can’t make decent bait anymore these shits days

You're not a fujo, it's not intended for you

It's generic shounen. Time to take off those rose-tinted glasses.

Literally zero of those tropes are unique to Bleach, and existed long before it.

fairy tail at least had a good few solid arcs and had a hook at the start

Because it is edgy and hypocrite like marvel movies

>what makes people on Yas Forums say this is good?
it's not good

> Generic
Stop using buzzwords you don't understand

it's your average shounenshit with a consistent storyline. if you like shounen you'll like it.

I'm not big into anime and don't read manga but I've seen people mention fairy tail in black clover threads. Is fairy tail like a girl version of shonen with porn or is it a legit show?

People died when they were killed before the garbage ending ruined everything
At least KnY had the balls to kill off SOME characters


Kino scene. Wasn't even that kino. The timing with the music was horrible. and the animation was just as comparable with any peak moment in any other series. Fucking degenerate cunts.

>Needing to watch more than 1 episode to get to the good parts

>I've watched the first 8 episodes
Watch the whole season before judging

There's not anything original about it, it follows all the same tropes as other shounen shit. Can you name one original thing this series brings to the table?

it's a shonen, just a really badly written one

Remember you said "one" so I'll name just one thing, as you asked.

shounen shit is an inherently formulaic genre

How is he original in any way? He reads just like any other male mc

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The problem with fags like you is that you've conflated universal praise with being the best series you've ever experienced, when it actually means that it's well received by most. But keep seething about it faggot I'm you're get everyone to hate it with you.

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