One Piece

Why were they an instant hit? So many fanart already

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Pay- Pay's gonna be very sore the day after the celebration

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every single one of them has a unique and interesting design

Pay-Pay is a Bichad.

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>Interesting dynamic
>Great character designs
>Not jobbers
What isn't there to love?

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they have good designs and a better personality

>Why were they an instant hit? So many fanart already
only ulti, black maria and pay-pay

you can see the personalities without knowing what they say

I really hope we get more shilololololo
Because shipfags and tumblrfags were starved for content

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Onlly Ulti and Pay-Pay really

this is what an anatomically correct pay-pay should look like

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Based coomers want to fuck Ulti, Pay Pay and Black Maria in that order

Where do you get the raws ?

To spread word of the Lord and also protect any grannies in need that he finds, duh.

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Trafalgar D. Water Law = Who's Who

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Law is 191 cm. Literally Who is a bit taller it seems.

Trafalgar D. Water Law is Kaido's son.

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>Literally Who
I believe you mean Food's Poo.


Trafalgar D. Water Law is my husband

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I love him!!!

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*Gong Zhu.

Law is straight and for Monet only

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Lord Dogtooth

first well designed characters after so much shit looking ones in this arc

What ability he wanted to borrow from her?

looks like a fucking gen 8 pokemon, i love it

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Law is the Sasuke Uchiha of One Piece

Please don't lewd Uru-tan.

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One Piece isn't a gay love story.
But yes, Law appeals to similar edgefags.

pic related

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>Why were they an instant hit?
I think because the beast pirates have been pretty underwhelming for the most part, especially coming off of WCI which had so many god-tier waifus and memorable enemies. With the beast pirates we've seen primarily mutant fodder not even worthy of proper names, the Calamities, and that's it. Calamities introduce some proper villains into the mix. It also helps that Ulti is cute

>Not jobbers
>Immediately job to King after their second appearance

Law is the best written character in manga history

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What do women see in Law.
Is it the cold depressed stare?

Because they don't look like failed abominations like the smiles

>One Piece isn't a gay love story.
Are you sure?

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i miss them like you wouldnt believe

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He's hot

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what an ass he is scaring magellan's fish away

You cannot job to someone who is stroger than you. The requirement of being jobber is you lose to someone weaker than you.

>Not jobbers

he is hot, has a fantastic voice, and his whole relationship with luffy is great

They don't look too silly

>main villain of the worst generation
Umm, Kurohige bros?

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None of them are joke ugly, and they have relatively normal proportions. And they aren't supposed to be jobbers.

the CEO sees little value in being the employee of the month

user, it's the opposite. A "jobbers" sole purpose is to show off how strong an opponent is relative to the previous one. For example, Urouge (who defeated Snack) jobbed to Cracker, a stronger opponent.

Teach is the Hero of One Piece.

What could Sengoku do if he used his awakened fruit?

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>Tfw no pet spinosaurus

He would be more resilient and recover faster.

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Manga fans only like kawaii shit so they like the two cute siblings

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Why is Jack called a jobber when he's never really lost (other than to Zunisha, a creature larger than most islands)?

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