Tiny little thread

Tiny little thread

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Season 2 when?







Dunno if I'd prefer an adventure game or a Harvest Moon-ish game.

Collection of minigames involving carpentry, cooking, singing, sewing, brewing, hairdressing, bar management...

2D tag team fighting ame

Tiny little scaredy-cat.

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The necromancer is very cute.

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Tiny little gravesnatchers!

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I still can't believe Koharu is fucking dead.

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>tiniest bar brawl game
>some patrons got too feisty, so now you're doing tiny haymakers and rear naked chokes
>the harder enemies are drunken badgers or rats, or some unusually badass inchling

Tiny little weirdo. Really though. What was wrong with her?

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I like 2hu threads like this one.

Chronic lesbianism.

She's not an inchling, just an average Italian.

The author did base her design on a "cool looking" foreigner he saw at the airport.

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But she's one of the straightest ones, since she fucked anchovy.

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Not enough mohawks.

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Who is this giant??

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This was a cute show

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Are they lesbian lovers?

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I've been working my way through the manga, it's very nice.

Just good friends

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Good friends who have plenty of gay sex, and kiss each other before bed.

Who happen to live in a marriage-like relationship.

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I want to marry the cute tiny necromancer.

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What makes smol so good?

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Mad scientist or dark magic?

Cutting edge science is magic to everyone else.

Is it that marriage-like?

It's clearly not dark magic, can't you see the lantern?

weirdly specced bard

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