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交通 koutsuu: Traffic, transportation.
共通 kyoutsuu: To be common, to be shared.

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That's all for today. The fish pictogram I imagined is most similar to Noda's. That's a bit concerning.

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tomokane one is actually pretty good.

Such a nice girl. With nice boobs.

thanks OP

>Snipers ahead
>Chaos undivided
>Fuck the police

thanks OP!

>Chaos undivided
uh oh. inquisition chapter incoming.

Tomo is the best

I want a gag t-shirt Tomokane shirt
How are they so big?

>How are they so big?
she drank a lot of milk

>How are they so big?
That's where she stores her stress from dealing with Noda.

Damn, Namiko is so manly.
Someone should tell sensei his zipper's open.
So either hang some cats or be shot through the heart?
Thanks OP. I imagined something similar, but with the swimmer swimming away from the fish. Great minds think alike.

Not good to pent up stress, she needs to release it to the world.

>How are they so big?
Lots of milk.

Why is she so short then? like here

The side that the page was ripped out of the notebook was rotated...

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All her growth went to her boobs.

I think one GA user bought the BD set, post it. I want to see.

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Or she made a second revision.

They are quite big

She hasn't gone through puberty yet

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I think she already did

Then how do you explain this?

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uhhh, another dream?

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