Have you read the novel spoilers yet?
What will happen to this cute tanooki

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isn't it a prequel?


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Starts a Nook's Cranny franchise

I wanna get in every nook and cranny of hers if you catch my drift



I would do some unspeakable shit to get a pawjob from her.

I want those claws to tear into my back.

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imagine what it would feel like if she sat on your face and swiped her fluffy tail across your chest as you ate her out

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Spoil me, is she going to get dicked?

>Trigger studio anime
BNA are aliens.

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Michiru is for GIRLS ONLY!

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The novel is a prequel. You have to wait the end of the anime for that.

This looks like it was made in flash lmao. So cheap.

Where's the novel spoilers? Is it all just about Shiro and the young Mayor going on an adventure leading to the formation of Anima City?

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You don't know that user.

>anime studio
kek, everyone knows they're the westaboo pandering studio by now


They would make a nice duo.

made for holding


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Is the dude immortal or something

Thank you user

she gets the knot

Imagine waking up to her kissing you on the lips and calling you her husband

You're welcome. It was posted today by a kind user, the thread is in the archive

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>concentration camp