Makes game devs SEETHE

>Makes game devs SEETHE

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>Maple is only 145cm tall

IMAGINE, that and it's their fault for not thinking things through when the game was in beta

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But they gave up. Sucks they took out the part on the dev crying cause she beat his unbeatable monster.

holy shit IMAGINE the dicking I can give her.

go maple go

Imagine meeting her in a VR MMO, she's such a slut I bet she'd be your gf for 5k gp.

Is there any character that can defeat Maple? And I'm not talking about Kaede Honjou, the creator of Maple. Hell, I'm not even talking about Maple in possession of HP potions allowing her to tank damage and eat an entire Poison Dragon whole giving her access to the one-of-a-kind Black Rose Armor set which comes equipped with the [Foul Feeder] skill, letting her devour all in her path ten times a day. I couldn't be talking about Maple harnessing the power of the Poison Dragon with the [Hydra] skill against the Sea Emperor boss, raising the toxicity of the ocean with each cast and killing it extremely quickly despite its fast HP regeneration. I'm definitely not talking about Maple and her best friend Sally teaming up with perfect coordination to defeat Silverwing, a boss designed to be unbeatable by the game developers and giving her access to the [Stout Guardian] skill enabling her to survive any attack that would otherwise kill her on 1HP. I'm really not talking about Maple using the [Psychokinesis] skill on her pet Syrup to fly around the map and cheese her way through various quests to obtain the [Loving Sacrifice] set of skills. You better be joking if you think I'm talking about Maple escaping from Flame Emperor Mii's [Flame Prison] by activating the [Machine God] transformation by sacrificing her Black Rose Armor - which can regenerate infinitely many times - to utilise the strongest possible versions of [Deploy All Weapons] and [Commence Attack] to completely obliterate Mii's party and spirit. I'm talking about the Angel of Death, Maple, in her [Atrocity] form soloing the best players of the Order of the Holy Sword - the #1 ranked guild in the game - and then proceeding to bring total domination to all other guilds on the map when assisted by Kanade's [Phantom World] and Oboro's [Shadow Clone] to create seven copies of herself - each as terrifying as the other.

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I want to train these lolis.

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May and Yui are for ______

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Caring for.


whatever's happening in the image above yours

Luring into the wildy and stealing their gear.

getting hammered

My wives are so cute

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This guy has to literally be WoW South Park guy right?

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She leaked the TLoU2 shit?

Couldn't you just spam DoTs on her? Maybe use skills that deal %of health damage?

They hid his face for so long I was expecting him to be a fatty with those otaku swirly glasses.

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Its japan, so he's probably some malnourished virgin with a messy room.


Does the studio have no QA department?

>Couldn't you just spam DoTs on her? Maybe use skills that deal %of health damage?
You mean like Poison? Hah.


god fucking damn

Im really impressed with the fighting sequences in this show. Its pretty good.

maple a kawaii

i love maple chan

Maple isn't even a real player. It's all some marketing stunt to get people talking about the game and parading around their last boss because the devs wanted to pander to waifu crowd. No actual game would let their players be so broken so she can't be real.

Is she the most cucked person in this show?
>Gets BTFO in spectacular fashion by Maple
>Has a large army and still did fuck all
>Almost got BTFO a second time if it wasnt for Sally's keikaku

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>t. Seething game dev

They just need to balance it out.

I like to imagine that she ended up pissing herself in real life over this