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Best sisters

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Fuck off we already have a thread

perfect for a 3-way


that is a general
go back to Yas Forums or /vg/ pls


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Finally this arc is done.
No offense, but I couldn't care less about Prez/Hayasaka/Kaguya when the reveal of Ishigami's secret has been teased.

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I don't know if I missed something, but was there shown more than this as to how Prez kicked a guys as with spices?

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Doesn't take much to figure out he used it like pepper spray.

No, because that was not important at all.

Who is this new girl? I do not like her design.


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But I wanted to see Prez' spice-fu!
Fuck, just noticed the new haircut after her cutting it. CUTE!

Her name is Ai-san and she is now Kaguya's BFF who will walk with her to schooll every morning.

Now Hayasaka is free to pursue romance, and Kaguya can help. Wonder what guy she'll pursue?

She should go for Shirogane Miyuki, they seem to get along well

Hopefully, Ai-san won't be a replacement for Kaguya, in case something happens in Kaguya-Prez's relationship.
That would be sad, actually.

Will they be able to defeat the main heroine if they joined forces?

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Probably a new guy.
Prez is already with Kaguya and Ishigami already has 2 love interests.



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That's wishful thinking user. That's not healthy.

Onodera is Miko friend

Onodera and Karen


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Ai already stole Fujiwara's best friend spot.


The new haircut is so ugly.

There's no strong basis for it but I'll put my money on Mikado. It might be good. I wouldn't be heartbroken about it either way.

Onodera: Watch me SWOOCE right in!


>best friend
She is more than that. Fujiwara is Shirogane's mother-wife. While he keeps anything relating with Shinomiya to himself, he tells everything else to Fujiwara.

We all know this official doujin chapter is canon.

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