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I hope you're using this quarantine time to learn Japanese and read those heaps of untranslated manga, user-kun.

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I have to work, but if I had free time I would googletranslate into broken English a lot of manga for you, my friends.

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Anyone interested in Nachun? Interesting as hell, but it seems to have been dropped.

I'm still working...

Ripped this josei family drama/memory loss mystery called Kirara (or Kilala) no Ki by Iwadate Mariko
Pretty great even if following the plot took all my brain power the first time

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Gingitsune was on hiatus for quite a long time but it looks like it's started back up again. Volume 14 just came out and it was apparently in last month's Ultra Jump. Someone should really pick that series back up. It's a slice of life about a girl that lives at a shinto temple and can see the animal spirits that visit the temple.

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>Last translated chapter: 4 years ago
I don't need to ask the previous group, right?

If it's a year older then it's dropped.

>riddled with jpeg artifacts
>half a Gig

Not him but is there any guide to clean the artifacts (or other imperfections) from digital raw you can find on raw provider site like 13dl/a-z

Complain to Shueisha.

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Will somebody ever pick up Hinomaru Gaisen Otome? I need my fix of nationalist qts.

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Best method as far as I know.

I'll totally continue my project one of these days.

Guys help. 同中って???すんだ. Context is two groups of middle schooners meaning via mutual acquaintances.

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Bless you user.

Does jahy user often visit this kind of thread? I want to ask him if he could share his gangan joker raw.

He probably doesn't since I don't think he's involved in scanlation beyond buying the mag for one manga he's the raw provider for. Best bet would probably be shilling in jahy treads, especially the one on 22nd.

how do I google translate text in the jpg

Install the smartphone app.

I am but it sucks this one I gusss manga/ manwha is in Indonesian
And theres no reason for me to learn Indonesian or korean so I wanna fucking kill myself

I am Indonesian, it's pretty easy language and basically no BS like past tense, future tense, different form of verbs, etc. You can master it in short time. Dunno about Korean, I tried learning it, but aside from pornhwa, I'm not too interested in their culture.

>Want to do more short 2 volume series and one shots
>Stuck doing typesetting and translation for two series myself
>Don't want to work with typesetter since the last time I did that I stopped translating because no one gave a shit about the series and I feel bad that I didn't tell him

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Oh shit thank you then, I didn't know it was like that.
Maybe I will pick up Indonesian then if its really that easy, may be fun to learn it along with Japanese.

One akb48 member who was transferred to Indonesia picked up the language in relatively short time that she even forgot to speak in Japanese when she talked with her friend who came to visit her. That's just how easy it is. As for Korean, I tried memorizing hangeul, it's quite easy, maybe it's the reason so many teenagers here tried to learn the language.

Thank you user, I'll try to ask him next month.


Finally an update. Although it seems the previous group has been inactive.

>the last time I did that I stopped translating because no one gave a shit about the series


why is ChibiManga so slow....

It's been a long time since I read anything from them but I remember them working in like 70 series at the same time.

Calm down. I've already decided I'm just gonna bulk translate the tank when it drops in June.

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