Liar Game Storytime

Fuck it, gonna storytime a favorite that I don't hear people talking about... pretty much ever. Liar Game. Mediocre art, takes a few chapters to reach the premise properly, but hoo boy it's a good time. We'll see how far I get.

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A very good girl.

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Because of the ending.

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Uhhhhh ok? I mean I guess it's a little contrived but who gives a shit, it's 200 chapters of great material

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>that I don't hear people talking about... pretty much ever

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I swear to god I will turn this car around

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Y u gotta be real like that

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Not him but that ending felt really, really rushed and unfinished, probably because he got tired of writing looking at how long he took a hiatus before the last arc. I still wish the author does something similar if he ever gotten his spark back.

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This manga is really intelligently written. Not just because he managed to come up with these games and tricks on a weekly basis, but also because of how well they are symbolic to the real world. If anyone at hollywood had a brain they'd be making this into a live action series, it has the perfect message to resonate with current audiences.

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The Korean game show The Genius is basically a rip off of this manga. And it works brilliantly.

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She evidently didn't understand the title of the game

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>It was at this moment, she knew, she had fucked up

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Nao is certainly a character I hated since chapter 1 but really got better with time.

Real passive aggressive card there.

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Contraband Arc and Musical Chairs are peak mind games

>I know what I'll do. I'll go ask for help from a famous con-man that literally just got out a prison. This plan cannot fail

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