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bunny with a gun

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read the guide

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I would say this is my first bunny but I already bought Misa and Erika.

Throw it up on MFC. I'm sure someone will gladly swipe that booty from you.

Just got it by accident and I don't want it. I still have the original package and I'll sell it for half price (72 dollars). Anyone interested? Sad to see C.C. go to waste.

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>by accident

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Just ordered this and a t-shirt from the same event, AMA

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>by accident
>don't want it
>open it anyways
>hold her with your greasy hands to take a photo

Just no

end yourself as soon as possible

ew example
If I were to buy something from cdjapan on backorder does that mean I will get a shipping notification in 1-2 weeks or is it I will get a shipping notification whenever it becomes in stock? Could it not be in stock for a long time and I would just be stuck waiting?

There is no way this guy didn't hot glue this thing

How hard is it to clean that out of the fishnets?

post a picture of it balanced on your dick

Was it worth it?

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Must have been hard cleaning it

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As long as you aren't aren't reselling I have no problem with this

Rararararagi, Kimono Miku and Donuts Shinobu came in today. Shinobu was definitely the best buy, she looks perfect.

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my pillow from dakimakuri came in yesterday. i ordered the heaveist, 10lb one and my god is it fuckhueg. theres so much stuffing that its almost cylindrical, and the included extra stuffing on top of that. I think its nice and im happy now

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don't give him (You)s

>open air

That reminds me, where would I buy extra stuffing and what kind of stuffing? The links in the guide are either dead ends or lead to out of stock products.

Very cute Shinobu, and the base is very unique. I like how it's a figure of the helmet Shinobu when she didn't talk. AKA the only good Shinobu.

Isnt it a bit too cylindrical ? I would expect it to be somewhat flat so you can better enjoy the drawing

>the heaveist
>it fuckhueg
>theres so much stuffing that its almost cylindrical
>extra stuffing on top of that
She's a big girl

That butt window is glorious

>Shinobu when she didn't talk. AKA the only good Shinobu.

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Everything was in boxes up until last night, my desk needed some cute girls to make it more comfy. I'll be grabbing a glass case when my other preorders come in, particularly for my nicer ones of Mythra, Pyra and Dazai (BSD)

Not sure if its ideal for what you want, but you can get Polyfil from Walmart for a good price and in varying quantities.

I think Neko Black Shinobu at the end was pretty cute but Bakemonogatari really is special in comparison to the rest of the series. The figures of all the characters are the best too, particularly the Kanbaru with her books, Kiss Shot with Kokoro Watari, and Senjougahara on the stairs with her stationary are really gorgeous figures. After seeing the quality of this Shinobu I'm excited to grab the rest of the set. Sad that Hanekawa doesnt seem to have an outstanding figure herself though.

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Whole elf line is good at that I think

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finally got something this year, taking more pictures than normal because im fucking bored

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I'd consider buying second to the right

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Kengan Omega Ch. 59 RAW

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I like how you cropped your ugly fucking hand out of it from last thread, no one wants your shitty used goods.

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Not everyone is autistic.

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what kind of desk is that? bookshelf attached to a desk looks pretty kino I might want that

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