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Which Heysucca is the best Hayaska?

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The new Hayasaka looks like a Miko's and Onodera's daughter btw.


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>no ribbon
Come on, you had one job.

Right needs to put on her glasses

Finally, the worst arc in manga history is over.

Her name is Ai now.
Get with the times

Ready for more?

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Wait, what happened?

Nothing yet but wait for next week


Why would mikofags be mad? Tsubame didn't even get half the development Miko got. Hopefully she will get some with the end of secrets arc.

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Reminder that Miko is a main heroine and Tsubame is a side character

Is Onodera the father?


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>Miko this
>Meeko that
>Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko
Can you all please talk about other stuff that isn’t Miko? This is getting so annoying and it’s making me angry. Miko is so fucking shit and I seriously can’t understand how you don’t get tired of talking about her without ever stopping. What about Osaragi? What about Rei? WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THE OTHER GIRLS, ITS NOT FAIR. Mikofags are the worst, I hate them and I hate Miko. Miko a shit. A SHIT.

She a best and a cute

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Cursed pic, do not post again.


>hating on ribbons

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Miko got character development? Did I miss some kind of secret arc or something?

Sevens of truth. Ribbions and bows are proven signs of increasing best in best girls.

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Well at least it'll be easy to figure out which Hayasaka fanart was drawn before and after this chapter.

Yeah it's the "Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen" arc

I just realized that Ishigami's love life рrogression is as weird as his senрai's one.
He almost has has sex with Tsubame and only now goes to a first date with her.

So much development like... being able to talk to Ishigami because he behaves the way she likes because she can't handle the bantz and... you know, probably something else after her introduction arc.


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Looks retarded

So it fits I guess

Are people actually this retarded or is this bait? I honestly can’t tell anymore. Sure, if you willfully ignore literally all of Miko’s appearances and every time we learn something new about her, I guess there’s no development.