Tower of God anime

Episode 5 is out.

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Episode 6 is out too

reminder that the italian is so retarded he is incapable of editing two sentences he copies and pastes

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read the manga here

What were they thinking with Black March filler?

I know I said Khun ends up looking extra gay very often, but did they have to do him like that in this episode?

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The best girl ever finnally show up with a berserk reference.

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>5 episodes
>Only 25 chapters

Damn , what is going to go to the chopping block? Not to mention its only exposition time till the hide n seek game

Ignore the autist above. Just read here if you give a shit about it at all.

dont lie to me like that

fuck off you call the best girl androssi endorsi

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Damn I want to suck his cock so badly

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>It's another Gary Stu MC

left or right?

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fuck off
the best girl ever Androssi will fuck him badly

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I'm gonna be sad if we miss out on the scenes where they end up making friends

No one but you cares about your shit waifu enough to read on that dumb website with the even shittier translations and grammar.


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>latex clad Hwa butt
left of course

Baam ascends Gary Stu status later on

Red> Yellow > Brown


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Absolutely patrician

>caring about best girl when best boy is right there

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Fucking gay.

Whoops, wrong image.

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What do you mean?


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>western half falls to a bunch of barbarians

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>thousands of upvotes

fuck off u fake

Khun is cute!

>when best boy is right there
Why didn't you post him then?

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What could have been

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What kind of weapon is that? A red stick?

i found the esl's ancestor!

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a needle
best fucking girl

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Damn, Endorsi is thick!

That's called a needle, it's one of the most common weapons in Tower. It's easier to use than a normal sword in dense shinsoo or something like that.

I Actually liked it, incest filler was bad though

It contradicts the lore though.

Guys fuck
i always love when Father and Son see each other after long time

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Is sword woman going to come out for lizard? Otherwise, what is she going to to with the sword?

she is a needle not a sword

Hey, he might be annoying. But he has good taste, Androssi Best Girl.

You can still use it to kill. Remember that Yuri never got to see the form of the Black March despite being its owner since she's only interested in cute boys.

I always found it weird how different in tone that game where 50% had to die was to everything afterwards. In the crown game they didn't even kill any extras.